BASF, the UK’s largest producer of beneficial nematodes, has created a range of videos designed to reveal the wonderful world of these mysterious creatures!

The science of growing nematodes is both interesting and surprising. A number of people have been lucky enough to take an organised tour of BASF’s high-tech facility in Sussex and have come away with a wealth of knowledge and understanding about this intriguing industry. For those unable to make the trip to the south coast, this fascinating information is now available at the touch of a button, with the creation of ‘virtual tour’.

Most people don’t realise that nematodes are grown in laboratories and on such a massive scale – there is a total of 190,000 litres of fermentation capacity on site, with just one 75,000 litre vessel producing around 8 trillion nematodes per production run, dependant upon the species! It really does have to be seen to be believed and these videos offer an exclusive sneak peek behind the scenes.

BASF teamed up with Nottinghamshire based video production company Lambley Media Solution (LMS) to create a number of videos to help explain exactly what nematodes are, how they work, and how they are grown. Specifically designed for the consumer audience, the three videos are entitled, ‘How do Nematodes work?’, ‘The BASF Factory Tour’, and ‘Why Choose Nemasys and Nemaslug?’.

‘How do Nematodes work?’ clearly explains what they are and how they work through the use of captivating graphics and a voiceover by Tom Goddard, BASF’s fermentation manager.

‘The BASF Factory Tour’ is led by Tom and is a fascinating insight into how the nematodes are grown. It leads you through all of the stages from ‘the shaker’, to fermentation, down streaming and packaging. The extremely high-tech and specialised procedure comes as a surprise to many who see it, as the facilities are reminiscent of a cutting edge distillery or brewery, filled with stainless steel stills and white lab coats, and is quite an eye-opener.

‘Why Choose Nemasys and Nemaslug?’ explains what makes these products different and unique.

The videos can be viewed individually or as a series and are a real reflection of the importance that the company places on providing information and educating customers on the often-misunderstood world of nematodes.

“We are pleased to launch these informative videos, which we are confident will help people to understand more about these microscopic worms and how they can help protect their plants”, says BASF’s Gavin Wood.

The videos can be found here –

How do Nematodes work?

BASF Factory Tour

Why choose Nemasys and Nemaslug?

Also created were commercial and internal versions.

You can follow Nemasys on Twitter @BASF_Nemasys_UK and find them on Facebook by searching for @BASF.Nemasys.UK

For more information about Lambley Media Solution, visit their website

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