From bath-tub to plant-tub, the brilliant clean up idea from ‘Up The Garden Bath’

Up The Garden Bath is a new and exciting non profit making social enterprise based in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire.

“Up The Garden Bath” was established in May 2019 after it’s founder, Dave Poulton, found it increasingly hard to get back into employment after a few years of severe ill health including a stroke in June of this year. The aim of the enterprise is to be a totally community driven project with most of the products being produced by individuals who find themselves unable to access mainstream employment due to a number of reasons.

The idea is a simple but brilliant one- to take old unwanted & often fly tipped bathtubs and upcycle them into ready made garden planters.

Old bathtubs have been reused on allotments for years but this project entails building a raised wooden surround for the bathtub. This transforms it into a contained growing space at a height that is easily accessible for children, the elderly or disabled.

The recycled, contained planters are ideal for any garden space in a residential care home or school & are a real conversation starter.

Bathtubs are notoriously hard to recycle and usually have to be broken up into smaller pieces using heavy machinery & then incinerated in industrial furnaces. Not exactly the most eco friendly item in the world!!

Peterborough City Council, Aragon Direct Services & Mick George Ltd have agreed to help support the project by giving them access to unwanted baths & wood from their recycling centres. Dave has been greatly helped by the support of the local authority these prestigious organisations.

They do a couple of versions of the planters but all of the planters are finished in the wood style & colour of the customers choice.

Dave and his helpers supply planters to schools & visit them with their fun, educational “Look & Learn” lesson plan. The aim is to teach the students all about self sufficiency, gardening, eating healthy & the importance of recycling.

Dave believes that we can only tackle the problems of tomorrow by learning today.

The project has really taken off quickly & Up the Garden Bath are already dealing with enquiries from local councils in Suffolk & Bedfordshire. These councils are very keen to get onboard & run the same scheme (under the Up the Garden Bath company name) in their respective geographical areas.

Dave’s first commission was a donation of one of his “Pollen Paradises” to a new community pocket park project in Peterborough. This was done as part of Channel Four’s “Jimmy Docherty’s Bee Week” in conjunction with Red Sky TV Production & Dave’s “Pollen Paradise” was unveiled on the 18th July to celebrate the start of their campaign. Another one of his planters is due to be installed into another Peterborough based Primary School in the Spring of 2020 as part of his commitment to this ongoing TV project.

Up the Garden bathy also have one of their products being featured at Van Hague Garden Centre, this is another massive step forward and will help drive sales.
Up the Garden Bath have recently sourced a temporary workspace in Peterborough to allow the team to step up production of their products and are in the process of applying for sponsorship & funding to allow them to continue the journey.

Recently they lost their transportation & are trying to raise funds to purchase a new second hand vehicle. They have already raised £1100 of their £2000 target after receiving a number of very kind donations from some amazing people & businesses.

They need your help & support to reach their goal.

They are running a crowdfunding campaign to help them raise the outstanding amount.

Please join them on our journey! With your donation, they’re one step closer!

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