Transform outdoor spaces into wildflower havens with Seedball

Introducing nature into gardens and outdoor spaces provides a host of benefits. As well as injecting colourful, lush foliage into people’s surroundings, the addition of wildflowers is vital in helping to protect all types of wildlife, from hedgehogs and butterflies to bees and wasps.

Wildflower specialist, Seedball, is passionate about making the journey of curating vibrant flourishes of nature easier for everyone, whilst giving a home to the depleting wildlife and pollinators. The non-profit company has developed unique balls containing wildflower seeds that transforms outdoor spaces – from meadows to plant pots – into seas of beautiful flowers that not only look good but do good too.

Each ball has been developed to act as a mini ecosystem so the seeds can germinate and grow with very little help. Every ball has between 30 to 100 seeds depending on the variety, and contains clay to protect it from birds, ants and other predators. Peat-free compost is also added to provide nutrition and a small amount of chilli powder is used to deter slugs and snails from eating the young shoots.

There are a wide variety of seedballs available, and they can all be thrown onto soil or compost in a garden bed, pot or planter during the Spring or Autumn. Once the balls have accrued enough moisture and the temperature is right, the seeds will begin to grow – all that’s left to do is wait for the flowers to bloom!

The classic collection

Seedball is famed for its small, compact tins of seeds. With a range of different varieties available, including the Butterfly Mix and Urban Meadow Mix, the Wildflower Tins contain 20 seed balls so they are the perfect option for covering a smaller garden bed. They are also a great choice for those living in urban environments, with limited outdoor space as they can plant the seeds in 3 to 5 medium sized pots and create a wildlife haven on their balcony or terrace. Each ball contains 30 seeds, ranging from forget-me-nots, white cloves and oxeye daisies, depending on the type of tin chosen.

Create a mini meadow of wildflowers 

The Meadow pots are the perfect gift for novice plant growers as they provide a simple and easy way to create a wildlife paradise. Everything needed comes supplied in the box, including a set of three biodegradable and compostable bamboo pots and saucers, peat-free coir discs and 12 wildflower seeds. Simply add water once the balls have been scattered and your work is done! There are three varieties available, the Bee Mix, Butterfly Mix and Garden Meadow, each with a different combination of seeds. All of the cardboard packaging is compostable and is made from 100% recycled card.

Grab a bag of seedballs! 

For larger gardens and outdoor spaces, Seedball has produced larger Grab Bags containing 100 seed balls, so it is easier for everyone to create a larger wildflower patch, or create multiple, smaller patches around the garden. The grab bags are made up of different collections, including the Bee Mix, Butterfly Mix and Shade Mix, all of which make growing wildflowers simple and easy.

For added flexibility, Seedball has recently launched Single Flower Grab Bags, each containing 50 seed balls of a single variety. This allows people to design their garden, balcony, patio or terrace to their personal preferences, whether it be a plant pot bursting with buttercups, or a garden bed filled with white clovers. There are 24 varieties to choose from, including cowslip, evening primrose, poppies and red clover, so there is something for everyone to enjoy.

Give the gift of seeds and save the bees! 

Seedball supplies a wide range of products, some of which would make the perfect gift for lovers of all things wildlife. After collaborating with Beevive, a Devon based company, Seedball released The Bee Rescue Gift Set. It’s the perfect gift for bee lovers of all ages and helps to grow the most suitable wildflowers for bees, whilst helping them when they need a pick-me-up. As well as a limited-edition Bee Mix tin containing 20 seed balls, the gift set also includes a refillable glass container that holds a sugar solution, so tired bees can be revived. It’s held on a keyring in an elegant aluminium casing, so it can be kept near, and the set is stored in a beautiful blue steel box with a gold bee stamp.

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