The world of the garden tractor is about to be revolutionised

The garden tractor world is about to be revolutionised with the launch of the first fully button operated machines that boast the largest mowing area on a single charge for battery power.

The simple to use STIGA Series 7 machines are smartphone compatible with a simple one pedal drive system. The two machines in the range are innovative and have been meticulously engineered in Italy to meet the needs of garden owners with very large lawns.  They both offer run times of 110 minutes on a single battery charge.

There are two models in the 7 Series:  The Tornado, a side-discharge machine that cuts up to 7,500 square metres, and the Estate which offers a collection facility that will cut areas up to 7,000 square metres, both on a single charge. This is the largest area ever covered by a battery powered tractor across the industry.

Series 7 Tornado

Series 7 Estate

The new models have been designed with simplicity in mind, being fully electric removes the need for multiple levers and complicated procedures. Using the intuitive STIGA dashboard, the full range of functions can be managed directly from the driver’s seat with the touch of a button.  All operations can be carried out effortlessly, from starting up the machine, adjusting the blades’ speed and cutting height, all the way to emptying the collection bag.  

Furthermore, STIGA electric tractors are equipped with a Bluetooth module that connects the machine’s electronic “brain” – the STIGA Vehicle Management System – to a smartphone, creating a seamless connection to the STIGA.GO App. This allows the user’s phone to work as a true virtual dashboard, illustrating all key information whilst cutting the lawn. Thanks to STIGA’s unique electric powertrain and One Pedal Drive system, just one pedal is enough to operate the entire electric tractor with smooth acceleration, deceleration and effortless parking.

Two motors power the STIGA patented blades that perform a precise, neat and efficient cut every time. Additionally users can enjoy a pleasant ride, even during longer sessions, thanks to a comfortable seating design, coupled with electric battery technology, generating less vibration, noise and no fumes or unpleasant smells. The machine’s cutting deck, blade positioning and orientation improves the cut’s uniformity, whilst its central tunnel design boosts collecting performance and helps prevent blockages in the chute. The collection bag has been created with a wedge-shape allowing it to fill to capacity and facilitate efficient emptying operations.

The new STIGA Series 7 tractors are available to purchase, with a retail price starting from £6,614 for the Tornado and £6,877 for the Estate.

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