The UK’s Most Sustainable Wood Fuel Brand

Launched in January Kindwood will become the UK’s most sustainable wood fuel brand. Taylor Gathercole, founder, is building a purpose-led, consumer branded solid fuel company that cuts waste, captures carbon and provides authentic comfort to people. Kindwood’s mission is to accelerate the #ComfortRevolution, by providing people and planet kind warmth.

Kindwood already uses 100% renewable energy throughout its processes, and even captures waste heat from an on-site biogas plant to dry its wood, cutting down the drying time from 18+ months to 4-5 days. No energy is consumed from the national grid. There are no compromises on the quality and performance of the wood fuel, as they are consistently able to offer Kiln Dried Logs with 20% or less moisture content, through its heat capture system.

The wood Kindwood sources comes strictly from Ancient Semi-Natural Woodlands or Sites of Significant Interest within an 80-mile radius of the Kindwood yard, using modern-day sustainable management practices to ensure the woodlands continue to thrive, and biodiversity continue to grow.

Every product is packaged in either reusable or 100% recycled/recyclable packaging; for example, the crates are ex-fruit/vegetable crates from local farms and orchards. While the latest product “Hessian Sack of Logs” uses a plant-based material called Jute, which is £16.00 (Including Free Delivery) from the Kindwood website. “The crates are what started Kindwood. We wanted to find a way of packaging our wood which would further promote sustainability. So, while we offer the comfort experience, we also encourage our customers to do something creative with the packaging. We’ve got several customers turning their little crates into outdoor planters, bookshelves, and even bedside tables,” says Taylor Gathercole, Founder, Kindwood.

Kindwood was founded one evening when two friends were sitting in front of a fire pit. The fire warmed them. It was comforting. This prompted one of them to ask: “What is it about fire that feels so good?” Kindwood believes there are two types of comfort. There’s the kind which makes you feel relaxed and at ease – like being around loved ones, watching your favourite programme, or taking a long walk. The other kind of comfort is the ‘feelgood’ comfort that comes from knowing you’re doing the right thing for people and the planet. Kindwood blends the two into what they call ‘kind comfort’. So, they created a handful of wood fuel products to keep you warm in winter and to bring community to your summer months, guilt-free.

All current products include free delivery across the UK; delivering convenient comfort and sustainability to your doorstep. “We must make sustainability accessible, convenient and easy to repeat if we want consumers to adopt sustainable behaviours,andwhiletherearecarbonfootprintconcernswhendistributingnationally,we feelthisisthebestwaytotransformtheindustryandsetitonanewpositivepath.”

Kindwood believes the fire log industry has stood still for too long. It needs to start taking environmental and social issues seriously, looking beyond the material’s carbon neutrality and inwards at its processes. “Wood being a renewable resource is not enough to mitigate the carbon footprint a company can create throughout its supply chain,” added Taylor Gathercole.

You will be able to find Kindwood’s products at this year’s Garden Show (Ideal Home Show). “I have designed the garden at this year’s Ideal Home Show to showcase sustainability, how to live a good life and being considerate of the worlds natural resources. All the brands I work with have the same ethos; I call them ‘my tribe’. Kindwood was an obvious choice for me to feature in my design as we share the same mission- making the world better and kinder. I am delighted to include them in my sustainability tribe,” says Lynne Lambourne, Show Garden Designer Ideal Home Show 2020.



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The Big Crate

If we had to have an ‘original’ product which kick started Kindwood, the big crates would be that. Created with one very simple idea — Reusability. Taking used fruit/vegetable crates from local farms and orchards. Encouraging our customers to make something wonderful out of these crates from planters to outdoor bars.

RRP: £199 | Volume: 1m3


The Little Crate

Sometimes all we need is that ever-loved wood fire experience, and we need it conveniently. The Little Crate much like its big brother is packed with sustainability, but more notably, convenience.

The Little Crate is an ex-apple crate and is perfect for grabbing enough logs for 2-4 fires. We call this convenient comfort.

RRP: £25.99 | 2-4 Fires


Hessian Sack of Logs

Very rarely do you get the both of all worlds — But the Hessian Sack of Logs is that rarity. Once you have these sack of logs you’re welcomed with comfort, sustainability and convenience. Light on the hands, and once you put these logs on the fire you won’t want the bag to be empty. Perfect for refilling empty Little Crates or hosting around the fire pit.

RRP: £12 | 8-12 Logs

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