The top five uses of the Fontus, the cordless low-pressure cleaner from Bosch Home and Garden 

The Fontus (RRP £269.00), the first cordless pressure cleaner from Bosch Home and Garden, works gently, effectively and reliably to handle cleaning tasks ranging from greenhouses to barbecues, camping equipment to bikes and many more. By providing consistent power, the new product can be used around the home and garden, and even further afield.


The powerful 18 volt battery ensures that you can work with the Fontus for up to 60 minutes, in any location, and its water tank can contain up to 15 litres.


For ultimate flexibility, the Fontus features four spray patterns and three pressures which can be combined, providing you with a total of twelve cleaning variants.


The Fontus has many useful applications and to help provide you with some cleaning inspiration, here are some top tips to get the most out of the Fontus:


  1. Caravanning and camping

With many campsites located off the beaten track, water and electricity supplies can be difficult to access if you need to wash your equipment, or even yourselves, after a day out and about. The Fontus is the ideal camping companion, enabling you to clean your kit on the spot and save the interior of your tent or caravan from the inevitable mud or sand that comes with a holiday in the great outdoors.


  1. Outdoor hobbies

If you enjoy outdoor hobbies, the chances are you’ll have lots of expensive kit that needs maintaining and handling with care. Mountain bikes, surfboards and hiking gear all get dirty when well used. With the Fontus, you can clean muddy or dusty items there and then, rather than transporting everything home in its unclean condition.

cordless pressure cleaner

  1. Pets

Use the shower jet function for a gentle clean suitable for mucky paws and coats, or just cooling your furry friend down in the heat. Or how about rinsing horses and muddy boots at a riding stable, or cleaning out hutches or pens for other animals? The versatility of the Fontus makes it suitable for these tasks and many more.


  1. Vehicles

If you need to wash your car or motorbike and you’re not within easy reach of a hose or electricity supply, the Fontus is the ideal solution. The 50° fan jet is perfect for larger areas and the SmartBrush helps to remove stubborn areas of dirt, before being neatly packed away inside the Fontus’ integrated storage compartment.


  1. Garden 

Whether it’s washing down your outdoor furniture after a winter season in storage, sprucing up your barbecue station, or getting rid of cobwebs and general garden dirt from outdoors toys, sandpits and playhouses – we all like our garden furniture looking its best. Don’t worry about unravelling the hose or electric cable, just wheel the Fontus straight to it and you’ll be done in no time.

At home or on the go, the Fontus is the ideal cleaning product to get your cleaning tasks finished quickly and efficiently.

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