The SmartPlant Button – transforming the customer experience

Smartplant have announced that Thompson & Morgan, the largest horticultural mail order company in the United Kingdom, has made its plant sales ‘smarter’ by partnering with smartplant technology.

Online plant purchasers who use the Thompson & Morgan’s website will shortly be able to use the features of the newly developed SmartPlant ‘button’ that appears alongside every plant. By clicking on the button a customer will receive automated monthly plant care prompters and a mass of information, including expert support, from the SmartPlant app.

A great feature is the free Premium Membership trial that will be included with every online purchase, adding some great incentives to buying online.

Customers can click on the SmartPlant button visible on their online order confirmation to activate their own SmartPlant account. Their new plant purchase is automatically added to their account. This clever feature gives consumers additional confidence in being able to care for their plants. It also give a more inclusive user experience after their purchase. Furthermore, Thompson & Morgan will be able to offer discounts  via the SmartPlant app, boosting customer retention and sales. These offer will accompany monthly care notifications. SmartPlant offers unparalleled insights into consumer preferences and buying patterns that have proven to be invaluable in understanding customer preferences and also boosting sales.

Chris Wright, Thompson & Morgan’s Commercial Director:

“We’re very pleased to be able to announce our partnership with SmartPlant. At Thompson & Morgan, we’re always keen to find ways to offer our customers an even better gardening experience, so it is a natural move for us to embrace this fantastic technology in today’s digitised world”.

For more information on making your plants ‘smart’, get in touch with

Read more about smartplant here

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