Stock up on slug control for the warmer winter months

With it becoming apparent that the planet is getting increasingly warmer each year, it is no surprise that 2018 gardens have witnessed the full power of Mother Nature. From the Beast from the East in March bringing mountains of snow to the scorching hot summer in July, the growth of grass, plants and trees has certainly been put under strain. But as we drift into winter, we have been enjoying some very mild winter temperatures for this time of year. This has resulted in a number of pests staying active in the garden instead of going in to dormant hibernation as they typically would.

The effect of this warmer winter weather, is to create the perfect breeding conditions for slugs. They will attack and cause mayhem in your garden, even in the winter. This is why it is vital to stock up and take control with effective pest solutions now in preparation for the uncertain weather conditions ahead.

The slug killer, Nemaslug by BASF, offers a clever biological solution to pest control and can help protect your vegetables, fruit, flowers, shrubs and trees from a variety of pests – even in December. It’s easy to use. Just mix the product with water and apply from a watering can with a coarse rose over the soil area. The temperature of the soil you are treating should not be below five degrees Celsius, which for December this would usually pose a problem, but with the unusually warm weather, it is not been a problem this year. Also, there is no need to keep children or pets away from treated areas and the whole programme is entirely biological.

Slugs are capable of breeding throughout the year but do so typically in times of advantageous conditions. These are primarily warm and wet weather, and it would seem that with the mild winters they can also now breed even in December and January. If one were to leave the slugs untouched until the spring season, which is when pest control normally begins, one would find foliar damage which would be serious enough to cause significant plant loss on a vast number of susceptible crops very early on in the season.

Nemaslug orders can be made online, with a complete season’s treatments being sent out as and when needed. This means that one can tackle the slugs in the garden now but also be prepared for the coming spring and summer periods – allowing you to concentrate on planting and growing in the garden, safe in the knowledge that your slugs are under control.

Read more about slugs and nematodes here

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