They are already active in the greenhouse and warm corners of the garden but the vast majority of Britain’s multi-million strong army of slugs are waiting patiently underground for the temperature to warm up so they can emerge and start eating.

It is estimated that the average UK garden can house as many as *20,000 slugs and every cubic metre can contain up to 200, each consuming twice their own body weight of plant material every day.

They enjoy a varied menu, often starting off with young vegetable plants as they emerge from the soil.  Their floral favourites include hosta, delphiniums, tulips and iris plants – but they are not that fussy and will gobble up anything that takes their fancy.

One of nature’s ways of controlling them is nematodes – microscopic worm like creatures that occur naturally in soil.  They seek out and destroy slugs both underground and on the surface.

Nemaslug, winner of the 2020 Great British Growing Awards pest control product of the year, is a nematode slug control product.  It recreates this natural phenomenon and now accounts for a quarter of all domestic slug control in the UK.  Each pack contains millions of nematodes which, when mixed with water and poured around plants needing protection, burrow into the soil to seek out their slimy prey.

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