The ‘Electress’ … a Mountfield temptress!

The new trend of cordless mowers and gardening tools is definitely something to shout about, but more and more Mountfield customers are also enjoying electric mowing machines.  This switch from petrol to electric is due to the cleanliness of these machines, with no polluting fumes, add to that the fact that electric mowers are much lighter than petrol, therefore easier to manoeuvre, and the benefits are obvious!

There are two new mowers this year, which offer everything that is needed for a fresh Mountfield mow.  The ‘Electress 38’ and ‘Electress 34’ are NEW for 2022 and offer no nonsense mowing for the modern age.

The ‘Electress 38’ is compact and easy to use and the 1400W PowerDrive motor delivers effortless mowing, even in long grass.  As it weighs just 11kg pushing across lawns is easy and the 38cm cutting width offers a superb fresh cut every time.

The ‘Electress 34’ has a 34cm cutting width and a centralised adjuster which offers 6 different cutting heights ranging from 25 – 75mm. The 35-litre rigid grass collector can be emptied with ease.

Both of these mowers have a 15m cable, making them the ideal choice for anyone with a smaller garden, and the cable is long enough to not worry about using an extension lead!

You can see all Mountfield electric mowers on the website:



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