The Benefits of Nature-Based Solutions for Companies and their Environmental Goals

Free Webinar: Thursday January 28th 2021, 10am  
What are nature-based solutions? How can they help an organisation realise their net zero ambitions? How do they work in practice? CarbonStore, a company providing an open and transparent platform for companies and landowners to buy and sell both Woodland and Peatland Carbon Units, is well equipped to answer these questions and more at their free online webinar to be held at 10am on January 28th. CarbonStore is in a unique position in the carbon sequestration market by being a business division of Tilhill, the UK’s leading forestry company with over 70 years’ experience in planting trees and restoring peatlands.

The webinar will outline the fundamental principles of nature-based solutions, focusing particularly on woodland creation and peatland restoration. CarbonStore will explain how their service works in practice, and the processes involved for projects registered with the UK Carbon Land Registry. CarbonStore will also illustrate the significant benefits their work can bring to an organisation’s Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) efforts.

CarbonStore’s nature-based solutions are certified by the UK’s Woodland and Peatland Carbon Codes, ensuring high levels of authenticity and credibility throughout. These standards are supported by the UK government and, by maintaining clear and comprehensive codes of conduct, adhere strictly to international carbon offsetting protocols.

The webinar, entitled ‘Crafting Nature-Based Solutions for Your Business’, will explain how you can help to create vibrant, healthy woodlands or reinvigorate damaged peatlands to help protect our environment, enhance our wildlife and benefit our society.

The Webinar will be Chaired by Tilhill’s Wales & Marches Regional Manager David Edwards, who has worked in forestry since graduating from the University of Aberdeen in 1984. David has a broad breadth of forestry experience, landscape contracting and utility arboriculture. He is a longstanding Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Foresters (ICF) and was elected President in 2017. 

The online event will feature two presentations: David McCulloch, the Head of CarbonStore, will explain how CarbonStore helps companies maximise the benefits arising from the implementation of nature-based solutions. David has a BSc (Hons) in Accounting, Finance and Economics and 18 years’ experience in the financial sector based in London and Tokyo, initially as an equity salesman and latterly as a corporate analyst. Andy Baker MICFor, CarbonStore’s Carbon Project Manager, will discuss the Woodland and Peatland Carbon Codes, their principles and their practices. Andy has a BSc (Hons) in Ecology and Environmental Science and represents the Institute of Chartered Foresters (ICF) on the Woodland Carbon Code Advisory Board. He gained his wide-ranging forestry experience within Tilhill and carbon sequestration has been an important driver of his forestry career.

“CarbonStore helps organisations cultivate the benefits of woodland creation and peatland restoration. We are a business division of Tilhill, the UK’s leading forestry management company”, said David McCulloch. “This links us to the heart of UK woodland and land management and equips us with all the knowledge and experience necessary to create a healthy and vibrant environment.” The presentations will be followed by a live Q&A session.
About BSW Timber BSW Timber is the largest sawmilling business in Great Britain, with the company’s foundations going back to 1848. BSW sawmills are located throughout the UK, at Fort William, Boat of Garten, Petersmuir, Dalbeattie, Carlisle and Newbridge-on-Wye in Wales and they have one sawmill in Riga, Latvia. The company is also developing a sawmill in Slovenia. Group Headquarters remain in the town of Earlston in Berwickshire, where the business originated. BSW owns Tilhill, the UK’s leading forest management and timber harvesting company. About Tilhill Tilhill is the UK’s leading forest management, timber harvesting, and landscaping company. The Company was established in 1948. Tilhill is a national company with offices across the UK. Company headquarters are based in Stirling, Scotland. Tilhill is certified to ISO 45001 standards. CarbonStore is a business division of Tilhill. About Maelor Nurseries Ltd Maelor Forest Nurseries Ltd is a bare root forest nursery providing around 28 million bare root forest trees to the market each year, both in the UK and abroad. The Company is registered against the provisions of BS EN ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System. The Company is dedicated to the growing of forestry and hedging plants from seed which is fully traceable to provenance. Maelor’s technical work aims to improve growing conditions on the nursery to produce a better quality plant and to ensure that this quality is maintained all down the line from despatch to planting out and beyond

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