The Award Winning Pure BioMix

Award Winning Pure BioMix, Making natural gardening easy, pure and simple!
SRP £69.99

We’re thrilled to announce Hozelock’s Pure BioMix – which helps to create homemade natural fertiliser quickly and easily – won the ‘Most Innovative Growing Product’ award at Great British Growing Awards 2019.  Perfect for gardeners who care about sustainability in their gardens, the highly effective plant based feeds promote plant health and will help flowers, shrubs and vegetables thrive.

Good natural fertilisers are considered to be more productive, and to have higher active constituent levels, than artificially created feeds* without any risk to harming wildlife or pets.  Now gardeners can look after the environment as well as their gardens with the award winning Pure BioMix.  In addition to helping protect plants from disease by creating their own fertiliser, gardeners will also reduce the amount of single use plastic used compared to when they buy ‘ready to use’ packs of artificial fertilisers.  The BioMix will also soon prove its worth as it will provide free natural fertiliser on tap.


While many gardeners already make their own feeds, the process can be difficult and smelly.  The award winning Pure BioMix has an effective and simple filtration built into the unit, can be stirred without having to open the lid and is easy to drain via an integral tap – allowing gardeners to make effective fertilisers quickly and easily, with the smell contained safely within the unit.

Different natural feeds have different benefits – comfrey feeds help flower and fruit production, nettle feeds encourage strong leaf growth, whilst a preparation made from lavender repells aphids and ants – so there’s a recipe for every gardener and an easy way to make it.


Celebrating its 60th anniversary, Hozelock’s horticultural expertise coupled with its continual innovation aims to help as many people as possible get the most out of gardening.  Designed by gardeners for gardeners and with a 60 year heritage – Hozelock still engineers and manufactures the vast majority of its products in the UK.


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