Taking care of nature

Nature starts with plants and for leading Dutch pot manufacturer, elho, plants begin with a pot.

For 56 years, elho has been creating beautiful pots to give nature the best home possible – all created with nature in mind. 80% of the raw materials used in all elho products is from recycled plastic and all elho products are 100% recyclable.

The company aims to inspire as many people as possible to connect with nature and it bring it into their lives to make the world a greener place. elho’s designers are constantly looking for new possibilities and smart solutions to enable people to surround themselves with nature with as little effort as possible.

This begins with watering. elho’s self-watering insert fits into most elho indoor plant pots and gives houseplants the attention they deserve without taking up too much time. The insert is an easy watering system that makes sure plants get the right amount of water at exactly the right time. The water meter on the device indicates when it needs filling, and then the plant will take care of itself for weeks to come – all the joys of keeping plants without any of the hassle!

The elho aqua care is an incredibly simple and user-friendly watering system. Fill the ball with water, place the stem into the plant pot in the soil, all the way under the roots, and the aqua care will release water whenever necessary.

elho’s watering products also include a variety of watering cans and sprayers in a range of different styles and sizes. The elho rainbarrel is an ideal solution for outdoor watering. It has a 200-litre capacity with a planter attached to the top to brighten up the water tank while collecting rainwater.

To further give nature a helping hand, and to make taking care of plants even easier and more convenient, elho has a range of lights to help plants grow. The light garden uses unique, coloured LED light technology that makes growing a kitchen garden of herbs and vegetables all year round possible. The grow light has an automatic day/night cycle that lets plants grow in the most natural way.

The plant light range also consists of the leaf light care and plant light care. The light in these is made of selected and thoroughly researched frequencies to best serve the needs of the plants. The leaf light care is on an extendable stick that simply goes in the soil, whereas the plant light care is complete with a wooden lamp stand for the plants to sit on.

For more information please visit www.elho.com.


Light Garden                         £99.00

Green basics rainbarrel      £132.00

Aquacare care                      £8.89

Leaf light care                       £49.99

Plant light care                      £69.00




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