Take a weekend off watering the plants

Holidays and long weekends away can often cause problems for anyone leaving houseplants behind. Luckily, LECHUZA’s self-watering planters are here to save the day and remove all of the guesswork and worries, allowing plants to take care of themselves for weeks at time.

The entire LECHUZA planter range features a sub-irrigation system, so there is no need to remember to water plants regularly – simply top up the reservoir when the indicator shows supplies are running low. Self-watering planters make caring for plants simple and effortless, whether you have experience and knowledge of plants or not.

LECHUZA’s range is vast – it includes planters for both indoor and outdoor use and many include a plug, which can be removed to allow excess water from summer downpours to escape, preventing water logging.

There are over 40 collections, with planters to suit different tastes, interiors and plants. There are rustic, rattan, modern and classic design options, all available in a range of finishes and colours. There is even the ORCHIDEA, featuring a transparent liner and special PON-substrate, specifically designed to take care of those high-maintenance orchids.

For small rooms or balconies, LECHUZA offers a variety of space-saving planters, such as the Green Wall Home Kit, which can be customised and attached to walls, or the BALCONERA, perfect for windowsills and railings.

LECHUZA planters are not just for holidays, the range of beautiful and functional planters look after plants all year round.

How do LECHUZA self-watering planters work?

The LECHUZA sub-irrigation system provides plants with a constant supply of water, allowing them to take nutrients only when they are needed, and ensures that they are optimally supplied over a longer period of time. An integrated visual indicator clearly shows when water supplies are running low.


Prices from £7.99

All the Lechuza self-watering planters are made from high-quality plastic, recyclable, UV-proof, shatter-proof and weather-proof materials.

To view LECHUZA’s expansive range, visit https://www.lechuza.co.uk/

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