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Gardening continues to increase in popularity, with more and more people wanting to connect with their outdoor spaces and immerse themselves in nature. For the novice gardener, though, it can be daunting trying to choose the right tools to help them to get started.

Garden machinery specialist, Cobra, is passionate about helping everyone transform their gardens into a picture-perfect sanctuary. With a tool for every task, Cobra’s innovatively designed and easy to use products can help even the most inexperienced gardeners achieve a healthy lawn and perfectly tamed hedges.

A mower that achieves perfect lawns

For those getting to grips with lawn maintenance, Cobra’s award-winning MX3440V offers a simple and easy way to achieve flawless results. Powered by a Samsung 40V Lithium-ion battery, the MX3440V delivers an innovative cordless function – resulting in a lightweight feel and quiet running, taking the backache out of garden maintenance.

With an adjustable lever that offers five cutting heights, the MX3440V has the ability to tackle even the unruliest of grass, so new gardeners can transform any type of lawn with ease. Plus, with the ability to fold down the handles, it can be packed away without taking up too much room, making it the perfect choice for those with limited storage.

Scarify to revitalise lawns

Although scarifying may be seen as a job for the more seasoned gardener, it is a process that is vital in keeping lawns looking vibrant, so it’s a job worth learning how to tackle early on.

For the ultimate in convenience, the SA40E offers a powerful 1800W motor and a full 15” working width, making it simple to remove any damaging moss or thatch from lawns. For added flexibility, it also comes complete with an aerator drum, so lawns can be completely revitalised with just one machine.

Neaten hedges

Hedges, bushes and other shrubbery can look unkept and messy when left without regular trimming, and for beginner gardeners, achieving perfectly shaped greenery has never been easier with Cobra’s H5024V.

The H5024V is built for demanding jobs, taking the strenuous work away from gardeners and making it simple and easy to transform hedges and shrubbery. Plus, with the addition of a double-sided cutting blade, hedges can be easily shaped as the direction of the cut can be altered simply – providing flexibility and versatility in its use. The H5024V is also powered by a 24V Lithium-ion battery, providing a lightweight feel and ease in manoeuvrability.

Blow away leaves with ease

For gardeners looking for a blower that’s practical in its design, but still has the power to get the job done, Cobra’s LB45024V provides the ideal solution. As well as its 24V Lithium-ion battery, the LB45024V is also fitted with a 300W motor, delivering a powerful run and helping to clear up outdoor areas in a matter of minutes.

With the addition of ergonomic comfort controls, it also delivers a lightweight feel and a highly manoeuvrable design. The choice of Eco and Turbo mode also allows users to choose the strength of the blower, with the eco mode suitable for light work, whilst the turbo mode is ideal for those looking for a bit more power.

Say goodbye to garden waste 

Tackling untouched gardens can be quite demanding and getting rid of any waste can be even more laborious. Using a shredder to cut up any garden waste can help save time and space and Cobra’s QS2500 offers a helpful and timely tool.

The QS2500 quite drum shredder is powered by a 2500W motor, providing a powerful application that is ideal for shredding garden waste up to 40mm in diameter. The addition of a practical plunger also allows waste materials to be fed through, speeding up the shredding of heavier loads. With a collection box fitted underneath the shredder, clean-up is minimal and waste can easily be disposed of. Shredded waste can also be transformed into mulch, providing a natural fertiliser for plants and soil.

Peter Chaloner, managing director of Cobra, said: “So many people are beginning to recognise the importance of surrounding themselves with nature and are discovering the simple pleasures of spending time in beautifully curated outdoor spaces. Gardening should be a hobby that is enjoyed rather than gruelled over, and with Cobra’s extensive range of tools, getting started can be simple, easy and, most importantly, enjoyable.”

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