‘Special Mum’ Rose launches at Dobbies Garden Centres


– Forget the bouquet, ‘Special Mum’ Rose will be the floral gift that keeps on giving – 

Dobbies is delighted to announce the launch of its ‘Special Mum’ Rose, arriving perfectly timed for Mother’s Day 2021. 

Adding a touch of elegant country charm, the celebration Rose blooms with striking orange-pink flowers and has a light apricot fragrance. It is ideal for planting in borders or larger pots and flowers all summer long, meaning your garden will be filled with colour.  

A garden favourite, the new range is part of Dobbies’ first own-brand Rose collection which features over 100 varieties. Not your average garden centre, the new collection offers something for everyone, with contemporary and traditional styles and a range of fragrances.  

Horticultural Director, Marcus Eyles, said: “A thoughtful present for special mums this Mother’s Day, it’s a gift that will keep on giving, with beautiful colourful displays to brighten up her garden for years to come. These glorious blooms are much easier to grow than you think, and you don’t need a huge garden with space for Rose beds or a climbing arch. They will happily grow in containers, so they are perfect for smaller gardens, patios and balconies.” 

The ‘Special Mum’ Rose starts from £16.99 and is available instore only. To find your nearest Dobbies, visit www.dobbies.com

Special Mum’ Rose  

  • Position – Full sunlight  
  • Flowers – June to November 
  • Height & spread – 60-70cm x 30-40cm (24-28in x 12-16in) 
  • Planting – Water thoroughly before planting. Prepare the planting area and enrich with planting compost. Remove the pot and plant in the prepared hole. Firm the soil around the plant and water-in well. Water regularly during dry spells. Use good quality soil-based compost if planting into tubs. Prune later winter or early spring and apply a mulch. Feed in late spring and again in mid-summer with a good quality rose fertiliser. 

General planting, growing and care tips for Roses  

  • Our container grown roses can be planted all year round, as long as the ground isn’t frozen. 
  • Roses are easy to grow in any fertile well-drained soil in sun or light shade.  
  • Roses are hungry plants, so for healthy growth and lots of blooms feed each spring with granular rose fertiliser forked into the surrounding soil. Cover with a layer of mulch to help retain moisture. 
  • Prune with secateurs each winter to keep their shape and encourage new shoots. Remove any dead, diseased or damaged stems, cutting remaining stems back to a strong outward facing bud. 

Find out more www.dobbies.com


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