New Select Controller from Hozelock

Easy to adjust and with a simple, slim and modern design – the NEW Select Controller is the latest addition to Hozelock’s automatic watering range

NEW Select Controller
RRP £39.90

Available from January 2020

The Select Controller is Hozelock’s NEW automatic watering controller, with 16 different pre-set watering programmes – from 4 times per day to once a week – and a duration of up to 60 minutes.  With water saving and sustainability at the top of gardeners’ agendas, the NEW Select Controller can also be connected to a rain water butt tank to control micro irrigation installations as it works at just 0.1 bar.

As it’s not only simple to install but also straightforward to adjust, the Select Controller is the perfect introduction to automatic watering.  Plus, there’s a ‘water now’ button which allows immediate watering and turns off automatically after an hour. The unit can be used in low light levels around the garden to achieve a variety of different programmes.
Its slim design means multiple units, or a combination of different controllers, can easily fit a multi-way tap connector for maximum flexibility and control.


Combining controllers such as the Select Controller with Hozelock’s range of automatic watering components, the gardener can create a bespoke system that can easily be adapted to any outdoor space.

Hozelock is supporting the Select Controller with both eye-catching in-store DQPs and POS which are available to display the products and explain the key features.

Key features include:

·         Easy to set up and adjust – The controller has 6 fixed daily watering options available and an additional 10 fixed programmes.

·         Separate manual watering button – A quick and simple way to allow immediate watering.

·         Limited rotation of dial – The dial is designed to prevent an accidental start time being selected.

·         LED light – The LED light displays when the battery is low.

·         Compatible with water butt tanks – The Select Controller works at a pressure as low as 0.1 Bar.

·         Removable front panel – The removable panel allows the user to replace the batteries easily.

Hozelock’s automatic watering family…

Cloud Controller
SRP £134.99

The Hozelock Cloud Controller is an automated watering system which allows gardeners to water their garden remotely through a refreshingly easy-to-use App. Plus, gardeners can save water by scheduling their Cloud Controller to water on dry days only.

Sensor Controller Plus

Hozelock’s Sensor Controllers automatically adjust the time the garden will be watered as the seasons change – gardeners can simply choose whether they would like their garden to be watered at dawn, dusk or both. It’s also easy to reduce the duration of watering – which can be anywhere between 2 minutes and an hour.



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