Following on from its launch at SALTEX last year, 1st Products is back at the show with its popular UA60 AERA-Vator on the TYM tractors stand.

Having done particularly well in its launch year at venues such as Royal Norwich Golf Club, it was the logical choice to return to the show in 2019.

Steven Haynes, sales manager for 1st Products, comments: “During the construction of the new course at Royal Norwich Golf Club there was a lot of compacted soil from tracks made by construction traffic to break down. It had been a dry summer last year with little rain and the amount of traffic meant it was a tough task made easy with the AERA-vator.”

Let’s look at why. The AERA-Vator, a subsurface aerator whose unique osilating vibrating tine system loosens, rather than punches, the soil around and underneath each tine. Allowing better air and water infiltration and easing soil compaction, the AERA-Vator does the job without leaving cores or plugs behind and means less post-aerification clean up.

The AERA-Vator is able to aerate dry soil to reduce the expense of pre-irrigating too; in fact, the harder the soil, the better the AERA-Vator performs. The AERA-Vator can also be equipped with a unique seeding box, allowing the customer to aerate and seed in one pass, which is an option Royal Norwich chose to save time by reseeding at the same time as breaking down the soil.

There are further benefits too – as the AERA-Vator has been designed with a universal frame system – extra shafts can be added to expand its capabilities. Customers can choose from the Multi-Tine, Multi-Slicer, Multi-Spike and the non-PTO Coring shaft.

The AERA-Vator is showing on stand E010 alongside the complementary TYM tractor range about which Steven says: “The AERA-Vator, and indeed the entire 1st Products range, complements TYM tractors and gives our customers even more choice on how to use their tractor. It makes visiting stand E010 even more of a must-do at this year’s SALTEX!”

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