Summer is over, and the garden is in need of a spruce and tidy before the weather really turns. A little effort now will save you time in the spring and keep your plants healthy through the winter. To make the task as easy as possible, WOLF-Garten has a tool for every pruning and tidying job you may have.


There are a range of secateurs available, each of which feature their own benefits. Whilst the growing season is drawing to a close, there may still be young, green wood sprouting from trees in your garden for a while longer. Take care of this with a pair of bypass secateurs. The scissor action of the blades makes precise, clean, flush cuts. WOLF-Garten’s Bypass Secateurs (RR4000), are perfect for cutting up to a width of 22mm. They have a soft grip handle and an internal spring mechanism, making them comfortable for regular, extended use.

Alternatively, the Professional Bypass Aluminium Secateurs (RR5000) have a slightly larger cutting diameter of 25mm, but are still perfect for the most delicate and precise pruning. The robust aluminium handle has a smooth, plastic insert, making the tool as strong as it is comfortable to use, with the ergonomically designed blade preventing over extension of the hand.

Anvil pruners, on the other hand, are perfect for cutting back dead wood and dry, hard old growth. This type of secateur has one sharpened blade which cuts down on a flat metal block, like a very small chopping board.  It allows for very precise cutting and is great for cutting away old wood stems.  The flat block makes it easy to cut through gnarly, dense wood.

The WOLF-Garten Anvil Secateurs (RS4000) are able to cut up to 25mm, and have the same design benefits of the soft grip handle and internal spring mechanism as the bypass version.

The professional option, the Professional Anvil Aluminium Secateurs (RS5000) feature an integrated spring, and are forged from tough, hardwearing aluminium, making them able to perform consistently for hours.

If you have a box tree, or other decorative topiary, a pre-winter cut will see it looking smart in the coming months. The Box Tree Shears (HSB) have been specifically designed with this task in mind, with curved double blades, which are deliberately shorter than regular hedge shears for optimum control. Individual pre-tensioning of the blades is also possible, due to the patented, finely-adjustable bearing clearance. The powerful branch cutter for problem-free cutting of thicker branches and the impact-absorbing buffers round off this product and enable simple, perfect box tree cutting.



To keep hedges in check, the WOLF-Garten Traditional Hedge Shear (HSTL) is hard to beat. The double ground, curved and non-stick coated blades provide a neat, precise finish. The tool is also comfortable to use, with shock-absorbing buffers to protect joints and high stability FSC-certified beech handles that are optimally matched to the shape of the hand. The individually-adjustable blade pre-tension and the powerful branch cutter ensure problem-free cutting of thicker branches.

The final tool in the pruning and tidying armoury is the Variable Hedge Shear (HSG). Thanks to the lever transmission, effort from cutting is reduced by up to 40% over the entire length of the blade. The curved, double ground blades always cut precisely and prevent any slipping out from the material being cut. User comfort is further enhanced with the high stability FSC-certified beech handles, which are ergonomically designed and fitted with shock absorbing buffers.

To view these products, and other items in the WOLF-Garten range, visit  You can also find WOLF-Garten on Twitter at @WGGardentools and on Facebook by searching for WOLF-Garten Garden Tools.

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