Richard Jackson Garden extends curated plant and seed collection

Richard Jackson‘s lifelong love of plants and gardening has taken him across all areas of the gardening industry and has given him a unique depth of horticultural knowledge and experience. Since launching in 2015, has been a hub for this knowledge, and a place to tap into advice and guides, as well as providing an online shop front for the ever-popular range of Flower Power products and other gardening accessories.

The Richard Jackson Garden team is now extending its carefully curated range of plants and seeds, making the website a great resource for all things horticultural with a focus firmly on expertise, quality and proven results.

With new collections being added to the site throughout the season, the range will soon include over 90 individual collections, with each being selected because it meets one or more of the following stringent criteria:

  • Award-winning
  • Richard’s personal favourites
  • Grower’s favourite

The plants all come with full cultural and growing instructions, including expected height and spread, so that gardens can be as beautifully curated as the collection. The wide variety available also means that there are plants for every style of garden.

The curated collections make planning a garden easier, and are available exclusively from

Country cottage

For those who favour the romantic, relaxed look of a cottage garden, the key is careful planning and knowing what plants will grow well together. The look thrives on densely planted areas and is a biodiversity haven. Some recommended plants from the collection to start a cottage garden include:

Campanula Collection

This collection includes Campanula Iridescent Bells and Campanula Viking. Chosen for its Award of Garden Merit (AGM) status, the stunning contrasting colour combinations of these perennials will bring interest and a magical quality to a garden. 

Perennial Verbena

New, from the Peter Seabrook collection, this selection of verbenas includes Verbena Seabrook’s Lavender and Verbena Margaret’s Memory, which has been developed in memory of Peter’s wife.

Perennial Wallflowers

No cottage garden is complete without a wallflower, and this collection includes two varieties, the Erysimum Bowle’s Mauve and the Erysimum Rysi Moon. This collection was chosen specifically by Richard due to its long flowering season, and eye-catching, contrasting colours of buttery yellow and striking violet.

Modern, minimalist planting schemes

Modern schemes thrive on lush, leafy planting that provides structure and interest, whilst retaining a clean, balanced look year-round.

Evergreen ferns

Ferns are essential in a modern planting scheme, and this collection includes three varieties:

Asplenium scolopendrium, Polystichum polyblepharum, Polystichum setiferum Dahlem. The combinations provide a beautiful contrast in foliage and excellent ground cover all year.

Award-Winning Agapanthus – Fireworks Collection

Another AGM winner, the Agapanthus Fireworks and Flowers of Love collection provides architectural interest and pops of contrasting colour, with one displaying a bright, cornflower blue petal, whilst the other has a soft, pale blue display.

Award Winning Switch Grass Collection

The Panicum Prairie Sky and Panicum Shenandoah provide year-round appeal, structure, movement and changing foliage colours. They’re also great for city gardens, as they can help mask surrounding noises such as busy roads.

The curated range of plants from Richard Jackson Garden contains everything needed to create a beautiful garden and buyers can be safe in the knowledge that the products are of the highest quality. To complement the planting, the Flower Power range can be used to help everyone grow bigger, better and healthier plants. The extensive range includes lawncare products, plant feeds, pest and weed control, a wildlife range, tools and gifts.

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