CHAMPION world-record vegetable grower Joe Atherton is celebrating yet another sprouting success, after taking home first prize for his giant onion at the CANNA UK National Giant Vegetable competition at this year’s Malvern Autumn Show.

Joe’s decades of growing expertise combined with CANNA’s extensive scientific development has produced an award-winning combination; his prize-winning onion is totally organic having been grown using BIOCANNA nutrients and growing media.

Joe is a decorated, award-winning legend in the growing community, having recently set a new Guinness World Record for the world’s longest turnip – measuring an incredible four metres. He has also achieved other records at several leek and onion championships, across the country – including the Bedlington Open and the Blyth Leek and Onion championships.

The proud partnership between BIOCANNA and Joe has seen the combination of decades of growing expertise with extensive growth and scientific development to deliver first-class growth results. Joe began fostering his skill for champion growing in the North East, growing vegetables with his father and entering local shows in Whitley Bay.

Joe said: “Growing is in my blood, from starting with my dad and entering local shows in Whitley Bay to where I am now it’s been such an experience. It’s not just the awards that motivate me because I love seeing the hard work pay off, from sowing the seeds right through the cultivation process to producing fantastic vegetables.

“I grow a large variety of vegetables, from beans to beetroot and beyond, with the help of my loving wife who painstakingly cleans all the vegetables herself.  But this is the first time I’ve incorporated a product like Bio Terra into my yield – especially for competition vegetables.”

The BIOCANNA range is a plant-based natural blend of ingredients. These ingredients have been specifically developed for use in organic farming. It only contains organic fertilisers and is CU Certified, ensuring that an organic input product such as these contains no chemical fertilisers or pesticides or chemical or synthetic artificial odours, colourings or preservatives. The simple but effective system is perfect for all levels from experts to amateur growers. It ensures that all growth receives an optimal amount of nutrients.

Joe continued: “Using the BIOCANNA substrate and nutrients is really straightforward. With other feeds, there are a lot more growth factors and variables at play, for example the pH of the soil. However, with the Bio Vega & Bio Flores nutrients, it is a simple process of pouring BIOCANNA into a canister and incorporating the relevant nutrients to accompany.

“It was simple, easy for anyone to do and helped me win in the single onion category for the heaviest onion at this year’s Malvern Autumn Show, as well as winning in the three-onion category for the three heaviest onions.

“I can confidently say I’ve had a really successful season thanks to using BIOCANNA, and I’m looking forward to another fruitful yield using it next year.”

Holly Bolus, marketing manager at CANNA UK added: “We’re so pleased at the success Joe has managed to achieve with his vegetables at this year’s Malvern Autumn Show. Having taken home first prize after using the BIOCANNA range for just a year is a great testament to the product.

“We’re excited for another year working with Joe and seeing what next year has in store for his 2020 results- hopefully he’ll achieve even greater lengths!”

For full details on how the Bio Canna range can be used please visit the Canna Grow Guide or for more information.

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