New houseplants just arrived at Dobbies

Houseplants have long been heralded as an excellent way to brighten up your space, and there’s no better time to invest in indoor greenery than autumn. As temperatures drop and nights get darker, houseplants are a great to way to get your fix of the outdoors without leaving the cosy comfort of your home. Bring the outside in with Dobbies’ vibrant new houseplant range, selected by Dobbies Senior Houseplant Buyer, Claire Bishop, and watch as the gorgeous greenery transforms your space.

Kalanchoe Tomentosa in ceramic (13cm) £12.99; Foliage in ceramic (13cm) £12.99

Brighten up a windowsill or your workspace with easy-to-care-for Succulents. These stylish plants are low maintenance, making them perfect for beginners, and are a great way to add a pop of colour to your home while still maintaining a minimalist style. Succulents thrive in a sunny spot so make sure you place them in a bright room, but you can slow down on watering and feeding them in autumn and winter as the days get shorter.

Succulent in industrial pot £9.99; Sansevieria in textured pot £12.99; Succulent in industrial pot £9.99; 3 tier wooden plant table 19.99; faded vase £34.99A great houseplant to pair with Succulents that can add height and texture to a display is the Sansevieria, also known as the Snake Plant. The Sansevieria is a great low maintenance plant for autumn as it thrives in cooler temperatures and lower light levels. This striking houseplant is a fabulous way to complete industrial interiors. Style it in a display with other succulents for maximum impact.

Cucurbita pepo festival £2.99; Calathea crocata in ceramic pot £24.99; recycled wooden plant stool £34.99

Ananas in corsica £24.99Add a pop of autumn to your interiors with a gorgeous Calathea crocata. This beautiful houseplant is the perfect way to inject some seasonal vibrancy into your home. Style it in a bright pot that complements its colour for a striking effect, or pair it with some rustic pumpkins for a chic seasonal display. To care for this plant, dust down its leaves gently when needed to help it absorb as much natural light as possible, and be aware that you might need to reposition it as you turn the heating on and the days get shorter.
If you’re not ready to give up on summer yet, the Ananas in Corsica, otherwise known as the pineapple plant, is a great way to add a tropical flair to your interiors this autumn. This attractive plant has been growing in popularity recently, and for good reason. Who wouldn’t want to grow a pineapple in their home? The spiky leaves and unique look will add character to any room. Style it atop an on-trend bar cart in your lounge for an exotic design

Aglaonema (17cm) £29.99; Zamioculcas Zamiifolia (17cm) £24.99; Myron pot ochre (19cm) £22.99; Pietra glaze brown pot (23cm) £22.99; Recycled wooden plant bench £99.99; throw 39.99Go bold with your houseplant choices this autumn and pair different heights and textures to create a showstopping display. The Aglaonema is a striking plant which makes the perfect addition to your lounge or home office and can be styled on its own for a touch of greenery, or with other plants for maximum impact. The Zamioculcas Zamiifolia, also known as the ZZ plant, is another plant that looks great in a group thanks to its height and textured leaves. The ZZ plant is easy to care for and thrives in cool conditions and low light, making it great for Autumn.
To keep your plants thriving this season, make sure you mist them frequently to replenish moisture lost when you turn your heating on, and don’t worry if your houseplants lose their leaves over the next few months. New growth will appear in the spring and your houseplants will be full once more.
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