Mr Fothergill’s Names its New Sweet Pea After Well-known College and Partner Capel Manor

The UK’s leading  seed supplier, Mr Fothergill’s, has introduced a new and exclusive large flowered sweet pea variety for the coming season. The seeds have been named after Capel Manor. In fact it was Dr Robert Uvedale, a schoolmaster at the college, to whom Franciscus Cupani sent the first sweet pea seeds to arrive in England in sixteen ninety nine .

Sweet Pea Capel Manor has big, frilly two-tone, deep purple-blue blooms. The flowers are are lightly scented. This classic Spencer type sweet pea will dazzle with colour and form perfect displays when planted to trail over trellis or fences. A packet of 20 seeds of Capel Manor is priced at just £2.35.

Capel Manor College provides a range of courses for young horticulturists and those who are interested in plants, trees and environment. Mr Fothergill’s has had a long standing relationship with the College working in partnership to produce spring and summer display gardens and providing an award for talented students every year.

Sweet Pea Capel Manor
Among other new Sweet Peas seeds introduced in the 2018-2019 season is the stunning miniature and compact Teresa Maureen. This highly scented variety stands out from other Lathyrus odoratus with copious small flowers in pink, white and lavender shades.

Sweet Pea Balcony Mixed is a glorious blend of big white frilly blooms with coloured markings in red, orange, pink, blue, purple and magenta. This versatile, scented variety is perfect for large patio pots.

Sweet Pea Terry Wogan distinguishes itself with an incredible warm salmon rose colour which is more intense on the petal edges. It produces large fragrant blooms that makes it one of the nation’s favourite cultivars.

All the above Sweet Peas have a RRP of £2.35 for 20 seeds.

Sweet Pea Terry Wogan

Sweet Pea Teresa Maureen

Sweet Pea Balcony Mixed
All sweet peas are available from Mr Fothergill’s retail stockists throughout the UK and from the company’s latest Seed Catalogue or online. Visit your local garden centre for the full range or head over to

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