LumiPave™: Glow-in-the-dark paving stones

Deco-Pak’s new LumiPave™ range of celestial themed stepping stones — each embedded with photo-luminous tablets — allows gardeners to create their own magical midnight garden paths.

The new products feature the next generation of photo- luminescent materials which soak up natural light during the day and glow brightly throughout the night. Three buff gold ø380mm stepping stone designs have been launched — Star, Crescent, and Full Moon, and two 450mm2 paving slab variants in buff gold and neutral grey. The slabs are available to order in packs of 60, retailing at RRP £7.99.

Deco-Pak Director Rod Slater said: “Whether day or night, fans of quirky garden features and families with young children will love these new stepping stones. And for garden centres it’s an excellent way of providing a unique point of difference within landscaping ranges.”

How to create your own magical pathway with LumiPave™

To lay the slabs, first dig out a path to a depth of 2-4 inches

(5-10cm). Next, roll out a layer of professional grade, heavy-

duty ground control fabric. This will separate your paving

and accompanying gravel from the soil beneath – but it will

also suppress any weeds. Deco-Pak’s own Ground Control

Fabric (RRP £7.99 for a 10 x 1m roll) is ideal. Just ensure

there is at least a few inches overlapping each side of your path. Tuck the fabric under the stones and then choose some fresh decorative gravel. For a purely magical finish during the day, Deco- Pak’s White Spar is ideal — long lasting and low maintenance, it makes an ideal aggregate for driveways, garden borders and paths. Top tip: Install LumiPave™ stepping stones away from other sources of night time illumination, eg street lights, for best results.

Find out more

Deco-Pak’s decorative paving, aggregates, growing media, water features and bird boxes can all be viewed on the company’s website, Follow on Twitter @Deco_Pak or search for Deco-Pak on YouTube. To speak directly with the sales team call 01422 204394.

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