Love your Dogs but want to avoid Pet Pee Lawn Burns?

Dog Rocks neutralise dog urine the natural way, protecting grass and trees

  • 100 per cent natural water filters that are completely safe for dogs as well as humans
  • Remove nitrates, ammonia and other harmful trace elements from drinking water
  • Safeguard lawns against burn patches and protect trees from disease and premature death

As the first green shoots of spring start pushing their way through the Earth and gardeners get ready for the growing season ahead, garden-proud dog owners should be keeping a close eye on the condition of their lawns and trees, which over time can be seriously damaged by canine urine burns.

Dog Rocks (2months supply) RRP £15.00A 100 percent natural solution is here in the form of Dog Rocks, which have been saving lawns around the world from the blight of yellow burn patches since 2003.

Already a favourite of millions of dog parents, these igneous rocks sourced from Australian mines remove some of the nitrates, ammonia and harmful trace elements, serving as a water filter for pets when placed in dogs’ drinking bowls. As it is an excess of nitrates in urine which cause lawns to burn and result in diseased or dying trees, Dog Rocks can effectively cure the problem at source.

Countless pet owners who’ve tried everything from expensive chewable tablets, fancy dog food, tomato juice and other supposed save-your-lawn solutions which fail to actually work, are thrilled to report on the benefits of Dog Rocks, with visible results appearing after 3-5 weeks of consistent use.

Helping to Protect Trees

Canine urine is also a contributing factor in the death of trees and other plants, which in today’s climate of heightened eco-awareness should sound alarm bells ringing in all responsible pet-owning households. The evidence of burning is clearly visible on trees in many urban environments, with fissures and cracks appearing on the lower two feet of plants unprotected by cages.

It was a plant pathologist from the New York Botanical Garden, Pascal Pirone, who in 1959 first set the alarm about tree health being affected by canine urine in his presentation, “Why shade trees die along city streets.” What Pascal called “dog canker” can even kills trees up to 6 inches in diameter, as well as seriously damaging the lower two feet of larger trees. Whilst “metal collars” can help prevent damage to bark, a constant stream of dog urine over time will seep into the trees root area, causing severe damage and premature death through ammonium toxicity.

Ammonium is in all mammals’ pee and as a source of nitrogen it is OK in small doses, but too much can be highly toxic. The massive rise in dog ownership and what that means for trees – especially in gardens and urban areas – is therefore a matter of too much of a good thing. When dog urine seeps into a tree pit the extra salt can also create a crust on the soil which makes it almost impenetrable to water. This excess salt draws water out from the tree roots, exacerbating a problem which Dog Rocks can do so much to solve.

Dog Rocks, which are brought to market by devoted dog owners with the health and wellbeing of their pets in mind, do not change the pH of a dog’s urine. Unlike other products on the market, they are completely organic and chemical-free, containing no ingredients other than naturally-occurring igneous rocks. As the rocks serve as purifiers, it means the water they are placed in will be cleaner than tap water and safer for not only pets but other family members to drink as well!

Dog Rocks Point of SaleAsk the Experts

Vets around the country have given Dog Rocks their seal of approval, with Jacquie RVN of Leonard Brothers Vet Centre, Shropshire, saying: “We are both so impressed with the results so far that we have persuaded our practice to start selling them in the waiting room.”

Sue Shepherd VN, Head Nurse at Scott Veterinary Centre, Birmingham, said: “We the staff here at the Scott Vets have highly recommended ‘Dog Rocks’ and several of our clients purchase them from us. Many of the staff, including myself use them, and find them to be extremely good, we shall continue to recommend.”

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How to use

  • You will need 200g of Dog Rocks per bowl, meaning you will need to adjust the amount depending on the size of your dog or dogs and the bowls they are drinking from. If you split the bag it will reduce the rocks’ effectiveness.
  • Rinse the rocks before use as they will be a little dusty, then pop them in the dog’s water bowl overnight to ensure they have plenty of time to work their magic. If you get into the routine of refilling water bowls at night it will help ensure maximum efficacy of the rocks.
  • It will take 3 – 5 weeks for you to start seeing the results in the form of greener, healthier lawns.
  • As Dog Rocks act as like a sponge or filter they will need replacing every two months when they have reached their saturation point. A two-month supply (200g) costs £12.00 and a six-month supply (600g) is £24.00. For smaller dogs a special 100g bag is available for £9.99.

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