Lockdown entrepreneur: Saving peat bogs one houseplant at a time

Graduate peat-free start-up launches 2nd statement product, helping the houseplant market understand the peat issue.

for peat’s sake!, founded by recent-graduate George Davies, has stormed into the houseplant community offering a sustainable, fun alternative to something every horticulturist needs; compost. Something that, in the past, has been impractical, boring, and most importantly bad for the environment!

Stopping the use of peat in composts is a huge movement which is sweeping the plant-loving community, as people become more aware of how damaging to our planet peat harvesting is.

In 2020, Knowing he could make a difference, George set about founding his own peat-free alternative – ‘for peat’s sake!’. Studying for a degree in BSc Environmental Geography has meant George is all too aware of pressures on the global environment caused by modern living. for peat’s sake! is purely made from coconut husk (the hairy bit!) and was created to allow those who are interested in nature and the environment to choose to grow in a truly sustainable growing medium which also benefits the plants grown in it.

“Not only have people realised the benefits of our dehydrated coir compost, but they’ve particularly loved the peat-free statement they can make with our brand.”, said George.

The brand is now a 4x awards finalist – including BusinessGreen Leaders Award Entrepreneur of the Year, Small Awards Best Business Start-up, Rural Business Award Best Rural Small Business and The RBA Sustainability and Environmental Impact Award. Racking up 100+ stockists within 2021, and with even more renowned retailers just around the corner, for peat’s sake! is on a trajectory to develop a commanding position in the substrate industry, bringing coir and a one-of-a-kind brand to a much wider audience.

“We’ve been listening to our very enthusiastic customers, and have developed our unique ‘one pot wonder’ to be released in September, which has been a really exciting process”

For peat’s sake!’s new product is only 140g, and grows to 3 Litres – perfect for a single pot, adding to a compost mix, terrariums or as an eco-friendly gift for a peat-free horticulturalist.

Find out more about for peat’s sake! peat-free compost alternative at www.forpeatssake.co.uk, or follow them on Instagram @for.peats.sake to be kept up to date with the brand’s new and exciting developments.

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