LAWN ASSOCIATION – Introducing Our Sponsors!

Since launching the Lawn Association last year, we have been inundated with lawn lovers wanting to know more about the very best sustainable lawn care.   Numbers keep growing of those who are taking us up on our free membership, and our Facebook page and associated groups on the platform have never been so popular.

The Lawn Association is proud to have leading lawn care companies acting as its sponsors and today we would like to introduce you to some of them.

Stiga Ltd has been at the forefront of exceptional mower and garden tool production for many years.  Under the main Stiga Ltd umbrella are the brands of StigaMountfield and Atco, in fact, Atco is celebrating it’s centenary this year! 

Amanda Kincaid, Marketing Manager said “We are pleased to offer our support to the brand new Lawn Association.  It is welcoming to see that an authoritative association is offering training and information for both the professional and home gardening sector when it comes to lawn care.  We look forward to adding our mower brands to the wide spectrum of lawn businesses who will be involved and all helping to join in one voice to support the lawn care industry”

Team Sprayers is a family-owned business and have been manufacturing trailed and mounted sprayers, applicators and associated equipment in Cambridgeshire since 1981 for a variety of markets, including; agriculture, ground care and horticulture. Team pride themselves on the build quality and back-up for their sprayers and place particular focus on boom stability which is a key feature in all models. 

Managing Director Danny Hubbard said: “Using the correct sprayer for a liquid application can revolutionise your lawn, it really is key to getting the optimum results and a professional finish. Our sprayers are used by golf and football clubs all over the UK”  Hecontinued “We are very pleased to be supporting the Lawn Association and giving customers greater access to specialist ground care knowledge and expertise which when put into practice can give incredible results for lawns”.

Terralift is an organic fertiliser manufacturer that uses composted food waste as the base to all of its fertilisers to create healthier lawns, plants and soils. The stable humus (mature composted food waste) creates healthier soils which improve; the longevity of the fertiliser, supports root systems and encourages microbial life within the soil, all these will help to reduce the need for chemical use. Terralift products are a 2 in 1 fertiliser that not only encourages healthy plant growth but also stimulates healthier soils.  

Rhys Norville from Terralift stated “Terralift is proud to work along side the Lawn Association as we share the value of “ethical and organic promotion of grass as an integral part of our living landscape.”  He continued ”We hope that our products can support home owners and domestic lawn care companies to produce quality lawns without the need for harsh or chemical inputs”

We will be highlighting our other sponsors on our next press release soon.
Our core mission is to make accurate lawn care information readily available via our website and through our Free Membership Scheme for gardening enthusiasts. Go to the @LawnAssociation Facebook page to join the Lawn Enthusiasts Group, and get free association membership via the website, 

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