Is it a Petunia or is it a Calibrochoa? It’s a Combination of Both Says Mr Fothergill’s of the New Petchoa Beautical® Series

Among the many new introductions of calibrachoa and petunia launched each year it’s often just the colour which is new – the habits, flower size and form remain the same. However, the same cannot be said for the new Petchoa Beautical® Series. Not only are the colours wonderfully unique, but the blooms are larger in size, the plants more robust, with great wind and rain tolerance, and the foliage isn’t sticky, unlike many of its cousins.

‘We were so impressed by these Petchoas at our summer trials last year’ says the company’s Emilia Merola. ‘The number of flowers each plant produced was incredible and they were still in bloom in October!’

Growing to 30-40cm in height, plants adopt a mounded and lax habit making them ideal for use in hanging baskets, window boxes and containers. The foliage becomes completely smothered with large and open-faced blooms which have excellent wind and rain and tolerance. ‘We were amazed at how quickly the blooms recovered after a downpour or bounced back from strong winds – they really were the stars of our summer trials’ comments Emilia.

Mr Fothergill’s is offering three varieties from the Petchoa Beautical® Series – Caramel Yellow, Cinnamon and French Vanilla. Plants can be purchased as packs of 5 young plants for £8.95 or a collection of 15 young plants, 5 of each colour, for £19.85 saving £7. Plants delivered from late April.

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