Tarpaulin sheets made from a Swiss patented composite material that is 100% water and frost proof, 100% recyclable, tear proof, chemical resistant and has a five-year guarantee will be a boon to gardeners this season.

Conventional tarps are made from woven material and the water proofing is sprayed on.  Over time, use and storage the water proofing breaks down, particularly along crease lines.  The new Rainexo tarps from Bio Green offer an entirely new high-tech approach.

Rainexo tarps are produced using a cross laminated process and the 100% waterproof membrane is sandwiched between the top and bottom layers creating a material that is totally water, frost and chemical resistant as well as being tear and puncture resistant, flexible and 100% recyclable.

Gardeners wanting to protect a piece of land before sowing can peg Rainexo tarps over the area to keep the elements at bay and making it ready for planting or seed sowing.   They are the perfect cover for outdoor structures including barbecues and garden furniture and will provide total protection for log piles.

Rainexo tarps are made in a variety of thicknesses to meet specific user needs.  The unique structure will absorb UV radiation and dissipate the energy as low level heat, resisting the pressure to crack and disintegrate, even under continuous exposure to sunlight.

They can be manufactured in an almost infinite range of sizes and can also be produced in a transparent format to create shelters for outside work, covering polytunnels and to protect buildings.

Ultrasonic welded eyelets are located at 50.8cm (20 inch) intervals across the edge of the tarps so they can be secured down against the elements.

“Rainexo takes tarps to new, superior levels of technology and, because they can be produced in virtually any size, they offer an infinite level of protection,” says Bio Green’s Matt Evans.

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