Helping species in decline

The Posh Shed Company is encouraging people to be more mindful about wildlife under threat. Hedgehog numbers in the UK are in decline, with experts suggesting that the hedgehog population in England, Wales and Scotland is at approximately one million, compared with 30 million in the 1950s.


Autumn and winter are particularly treacherous times for these prickly creatures. When temperatures drop and leaves fall, hedgehogs build homes in the piles but then this habitat is soon destroyed when gardeners come to clearing up. To offer a solution, The Posh Shed Company has launched its Hedgehog House (£75) to give them a safe environment. It has a handy pull-out tunnel with ramp to provide easy access, and is raised from the floor to avoid damp. Just place a few dried leaves or hay inside and the local hedgehogs will be ready to move in!

It isn’t just hedgehogs that The Posh Shed Company is trying to protect. Bats are also under threat so The Posh Shed Company has created a toasty home for them too. The Posh Bat Box, worth £69, is built to the recommended specifications of the Bat Conservation Trust and is designed to be draught free and thermally stable, creating the perfect habitat for bats to roost in.

With a height of 2ft 7in (70cm), and width of 2ft 1in (60cm) at its widest point, and painted in a Sadolin Ebony, the Posh Bat Box will make an elegant addition to the eves of a house, or perhaps on a garden tree trunk. Provided the box faces south, and gets a good amount of sunlight during the day, it is likely that it will become a popular spot for local bats.  Once installed, simply sit back, and enjoy the swoops and swirls of these intriguing, and often misunderstood, creatures.

For further information about The Posh Shed Company and its range of wooden sheds and garden accessories please visit or call 01544 387101.

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