Hayter® Harrier® Range Enhancements

As we near 2020, British heritage company Hayter, the makers of the finest mowers, have announced a series of updates to its popular Harrier® range across both the domestic and Pro models for 2020.

Following on from a successful launch in 2018 and after an extensive development and test program, Hayter continue to take a pro-active approach to the product journey. Incorporating post launch Customer Feedback, Dealer Consultation, as well market benchmarking to ensure customer expectations have been achieved. Through this post launch, voice-of-customer process, Hayter identified opportunities to improve product performance even further.

One of the key updates includes a brand-new cutter blade has been added to the Harrier 48 and 56 mowers across both the Domestic and Pro models. The new cutter blade provides a revised profile to ensure increased airflow pressure and improved performance. Besides being on the new 2020 models, these blades can also be retrofitted on any 2019 Harrier 48 and 56 models.

Other changes to the domestic range include a revised speed range on Harrier 41 models fitted with a variable speed transmission matching that of the Harrier 48, with a new minimum speed of 1.8mph up to a maximum of 3.3mph.

Additional updates have also been applied to the Pro series of Harrier mowers. The Harrier 41 Pro has transitioned to the new model number CODE379B and features a new steel, two-piece rear roller and new HONDA® GCVX145 engine with Auto Choke.The transmission speed of the Harrier 41 Pro has also been reduced to 3.0mph to improve manoeuvrability in smaller gardens.

The Harrier 48 Pro also benefits in a reduction of transmission speed to 3.0mph, in keeping with the Harrier 41 Pro, as well as various other changes to the model. The Harrier 48 Pro will now transition to model number CODE479B and features the new HONDA GCVX170 engine, providing a 22% increase in torque vs. the outgoing Honda GCV160

Both the Harrier 48 and 56 Pro models will also receive a new rear roller bearing mounting support for added durability in professional environments.

Christopher Cooper, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Hayter, said: “We are really pleased to announce these new updates to the Hayter Harrier range. With our strong market share position, the Harrier’s have been received really positively. As with any product however, there will always be feedback and at Hayter we pride ourselves on listening to our customers. Our quick response and continuous work has resulted in these changes being implemented for 2020 production, and we are confident that these updates will not only further improve the machine’s performance, but be well received by both our domestic and professional users.

For more information, please visit www.hayter.co.uk.

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