Hayter celebrates continued success with Royal Warrant

Hayter, the makers of the finest mowers, celebrate 60 years of retaining the Royal Warrant, with it being awarded to the lawncare brand in 1960.

The Royal Warrant is awarded to companies who supply goods or services to members of the Royal Households, and in Hayter’s case, they were awarded the Royal Warrant for the Manufacture and Supply of Horticultural Machinery for Her Majesty the Queen.

Since the company’s creation in 1946, the Hayter brand has solidified itself as one of the top brands in Britain when it comes to lawncare and gardening. The striped lawn is a quintessential theme of the British garden and Hayter’s flagship range of lawnmowers, the Harrier, was one of the first rotary-bladed lawnmowers to feature an integrated rear-roller to help users achieve the desired striped finish in the garden.

The Harrier range of lawnmowers has seen ongoing success since the release of the new Harrier 48 and 56 models in 2019, with 2020 seeing new enhancements and updates across both the domestic and Pro ranges of Harrier mowers.

The Hayter brand has always been synonymous with a luxury gardening experience, while also staying current and changing with current lawncare trends. As such, Hayter has announced its Green Series of products which will introduce a new range of electric gardening equipment to the Hayter offering.

The Green Series will bring a new electric mower, the Osprey 46 to the Hayter collection of mowers. The Osprey will be available Spring 2020, with other additions to the Green Series coming later in the year.

Hayter continues to provide excellent lawncare products and machinery to Britain, directly from its UK factory in Spellbrook, Hertfordshire, maintaining an authentic British experience when consumers are purchasing a Hayter machine.

For more information please visit www.hayter.co.uk.


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