Have an Elho Christmas!



There’s an Elho pot or planter to suit any taste, space or style. With so many beautiful colours, designs and sizes to choose from how do you find the perfect Elho gift? Christmas is a busy time, so to help out we’ve made a list of our top picks for that special someone who is…

…potty about Christmas trees

For Christmas tree purists a real tree must be perfectly showcased in a stunning pot. The Pure Straight Crystal is the luxury handcrafted option to complement any Christmas decoration style. Or introduce light into those long dark nights with a Pure Straight complete with dimmable LED light.

Both pots are suitable for indoor and outdoor use, so trees can be displayed outdoors or easily moved outside after twelfth night. Get both for real tree enthusiasts who have more than one tree at Christmas!

For those that prefer a cut tree, the Nordman and Oslo Christmas tree stands (pictured above) are quick and easy to set up. The built-in water reservoir will keep your tree looking fresh throughout the festive season and both stands are made out of 100% recycled material.

…potty about poinsettias

The poinsettia is just right for Christmas with bright red or pure white flowers and festive green foliage. No wonder so many poinsettia fans use them as Christmas ornaments. With the right care poinsettias can last for weeks so give this majestic beauty the home it deserves.

…potty about houseplants

A houseplant is for life, not just for Christmas but they do make great gifts! With new sizes this year, the b.for original is even more versatile than ever. Choose from trendy ochre, mulberry purple, classic white or warm grey. Or mix them up for added impact. Pair a b.for original with a colourful bromeliad for a modern alternative to the traditional poinsettia. 

…potty about food

Whether it’s a traditional roast or a vegetarian alternative, fresh herbs make all the difference to Christmas lunch. For maximum flavour, Brussels Herbs comes as a single planter or herbs station for multiple plants. Fill with rosemary for roasties, thyme for turkey or mint for mojitos!

…potty about sharing

It’s all about Instagram so houseplants need to be picture perfect. Give your loved one something to proudly post about this Christmas day with photogenic cacti in a b.for diamond trio. Or a selection of trendy succulents in different sizes and colours of Brussels Round Mini. What’s not to like?

Nordman Christmas Tree Stand

Diameter Max tree height Weight RRP
Colours: green, anthracite

Oslo Christmas Tree Stand

Diameter Max tree height Weight RRP
38cm 2m 1kg £15.29
Colours: green, anthracite

Pure Straight Crystal

Diameter Height Litres RRP
37cm-47cm 36cm-48cm 22ltr-60ltr £55-£95
Colours: white, stone grey, anthracite

Pure Straight LED

Diameter Height Litres RRP
45cm-60cm 63cm-80cm 14ltr-30ltr £209-£315
Colours: transparent

Brussels Diamond Round

Diameter Height Litres RRP
14cm-30cm 12.5cm-27.4cm 1.4ltr-14.3ltr £3.49-£20.39
Colours: white, lovely red, metallic black, warm grey, oyster pearl, nude, shimmering copper, shimmering gold, velvet gold, velvet violet, velvet green, shimmering lilac, shimmering green

B.For Original Round

Diameter Height Litres RRP
14cm-18cm 12.8cm-16.5cm 1.3ltr-2.9ltr £2.99-£4.99
Colours: white, warm grey, ochre, peach, mulberry purple
New sizes for 2018/19: 7/9/13cm and 22/25/30/35cm

Brussels Herbs Single

Diameter Height Litres RRP
12.5cm-15cm 13.2cm-15.9cm 1.1ltr-1.9ltr £6.99-£8.09
Colours: white, leaf green, anthracite, nude

Brussels Herbs Station

Diameter Height Litres RRP
29.8×18.5cm 13.3cm 2.8ltr £11.29
Colours: white, leaf green, anthracite, nude

B.For Diamond Trio

Diameter Height Litres RRP
17.2x6cm 5.8cm 0.4ltr £2.69
Colours: white, metallic black, ochre, royal blue

Brussels Round Mini

Diameter Height Litres RRP
7cm-12.5cm 6cm-11.4cm 0.1ltr-1.2ltr £1.09-£2.39
Colours: white, anthracite, living black, soap, happy yellow, sunrise orange, new violet, lucky green, velvet gold

Elho pots and planters are widely stocked at all good garden centres, retailers and available online.

W: www.elho.com  F: www.facebook.com/elho 


About Elho
Elho is a family-owned company and the leading innovator in the synthetic pottery market. For more than 53 years, Elho has dedicated itself to the product development and production of grow your own, outdoor, indoor and designer pots and planters. Every year Elho launches dozens of innovations that continuously inspire people with fun, functional and creative products. 

Give room to nature
Nature makes you feel healthier, boosts your energy and makes you happier. That is what the purpose of Elho is about; inspiring people to bring more nature into their daily lives. With the Elho collection you can give room to nature in and around your home. At Elho we are green in everything we do. 63% of our collection is made of recycled material, all of our pots last for a long time and are produced with 100% wind energy. Our aim is to be circular by 2020. Enjoy nature with Elho in a sustainable way.

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