Haskins Garden Centre in Snowhill unveils plans for redevelopment

The ever popular garden centre in Crawley has revealed plans for massive redevelopment, with a totally revamped garden centre scheduled to open in the spring of twenty twenty.

  • Up to seventy new jobs will be created
  • The new centre will be 11,800 square meters in size on an eight acre site
  • The centre’s footprint wil expand by twenty per cent
  • The project represents a fifteen million pound  investment

The Snowhill site was taken over by Haskins in 2003. Haskins have worked hard to maintain its position as one of the best garden centres in the area since then. A number of ageing buildings on the site, that were there before Haskin’s acquisition, lead the garden centre group to see the need for a modernisation of the site.

Julian Winfield, chief executive of Haskins Garden Centres, explained: “We have worked closely with the local authority and our neighbours over a number of years to achieve the permission to develop the site.

“We are absolutely delighted to be on track with the £15m redevelopment programme. Whilst it is a long-term investment, we’re confident that it will secure the garden centre for our customers for many years and be a good investment for our business.”

Once the redevelopment is finished, customers will enjoy a more consolidated garden centre, with all goods and services situated in a modern top quality building. The improved customer restaurant will seat four hundred and forty and will have the additional summer attraction of an outdoor terrace. The restaurant will be able to offer customers with an improved range of meals, snacks and drinks.

other areas to be upgraded include a new large covered outdoor sales section, as well as a revamped car park with three hundred and forty six parking bays.

Haskins in Snowhill will continue trading as usual until Thursday February 28th 2019 and then a temporary centre will open on the site on Friday March 1st 2019. The main centre will re-open for business in the spring of twenty twenty.

The developers are currently building the first phase, constructing the new car park and entrance and establishing a temporary centre for continued trading.

Julian added: “Once the Snowhill redevelopment is finished, we will have four purpose-built garden centres which puts Haskins in a unique position. Most leading garden centre groups have centres of varying shapes and sizes, but having four similar sites helps us alleviate the complexities of management.”

Haskins is situated in Snowhill Lane, Copthorne, West Sussex, RH10 3EY. For more information visit www.haskins.co.uk

Read more about Haskins here

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