Go Green for January   

Plants – Shefflera £59.99; Dypsis £16.99 

Clemente Pots, small £9.99, large £39.99 

Once the Christmas tree and decorations have been taken down for another year, rooms can suddenly feel a little empty. But indoor greenery doesn’t just need to be reserved for the festive season, with happy houseplants making a house feel like a home.

Not your average garden centre, the ever-growing collection of on-trend, moodboosting houseplants at Dobbies will quickly transform any space. With the average person in Britain spending more time at home, houseplants are a breath of fresh air for inside spaces. A brilliant anti-pollutant, they help to increase oxygen levels and bring a touch of the outside in, providing a natural healthy boost.

Our love of indoor gardening shows no signs of slowing down, with Dobbies reporting an increase in demand for their most popular plants in 2020.

Bringing a sense of calm for an instant room detox, National Houseplant Week (11th – 17th January) is the ideal time to explore the amazing houseplants available at Dobbies, just in time to #GoGreenForBlueMonday on Monday 18th January.

Houseplant Buyer at Dobbies Garden Centre, Claire Bishop shares her top 5 mood boosting houseplant recommendations… 

“Whether you have one single statement plant or fill your home with an abundance of greenery for an indoor jungle feel, plants bring us closer to nature and require regular watering and nurture, which has wide-ranging benefits from boosting your mood and creating a sense of purpose. My top 5 happy houseplants to help with a positive start to the year would be –

  1. Peacock plant (Calathea) – Due to their patterns and colours they brighten any home and also are air purifiers, cleaning its surrounding air.

Peacock plant (Calathea) £14.99; Lizzy plant pot £7.99
​2. Cheese plant (Monstera) – Their large leaves fill a room with foliage for a lush jungle feel and they are also again an air purifier, particularly effective in air-conditioned interior.

Cheese Plant (Monstera) on moss pole £59.99. Also pictured – Jungle Vine (Parthenocissus Amazonica) £19.99; Clivia £14.99; Dexter hanger £19.99 Dexter plant stand £59.99

3. Hydroponics (Bare Root plants) – Make a great feature with the LED light option and also are great for propagation.

Large Glass Hydroponic £24.99

4. Peace Lily (Spathiphyllum) – One of the top air purifiers, but also with lovely white flowering plants and they are pretty easy to care for. They are particularly good for increasing moisture in the air, so ideal in the bedroom. They get rid of chemicals by absorbing and then breaking them down.


Peace Lily (Spathiphyllum) £14.99. Also pictured – Rabbit’s foot fern (Humata tyermanii) £19.99; Fern mix £6.99; Cebu plant pot £16.99; Jari vase off white, 34.5cm, £34.99 

5. Phalaenopsis Orchid – Striking plant that flowers for a long time and is a great centrepiece in the home when planted on groups. A great addition to a room that’s been recently painted or renovated, removing xylene from the air.

From the instore range at Dobbies, details of items coming soon 

Find out more at www.dobbies.com 

Listen to our houseplants podcast: https://www.dobbies.com/content/podcast.html 

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