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Why not use this enforced staycation to give your lawns some battery-powered tender loving care?

Because of the heavy and prolonged winter rains, many lawns are suffering from a mass invasion of moss. This must be removed before it chokes off new grass growth and the UK’s leading cordless garden equipment producer, Greenworks, offers some timely advice on overcoming this with an easy to follow, one-day treatment plan.

Their rechargeable battery powered garden equipment – lawnmowers, line trimmers and hedge cutters plus a bit of muscle power – are the perfect armoury in the fight to maintain lawns and gardens in the most environmentally responsible way.


The first task is to mow the lawn with the height of cut adjustment set mid-range to high if it remains dry.   Most Greenworks machines will easily cut an average size garden lawn on a single charge and, with fast recharge times, the whole treatment package can easily be completed in a single day.    The mowers offer a choice of collecting clippings, mulching them or scattering on the surface of the lawn.  For this pre-treatment phase, it is best to collect the cuttings.   These can either be composted or used as a moisture retaining mulch around plants.


Next, bring out the traditional wire lawn rake.   This simple piece of kit has tines that penetrate the surface of the lawn bringing out the thatch – dry moss, dead grass and old roots – allowing sunlight, air and water to reach down and encourage fresh, new grass growth.    The accumulated thatch can be composted or taken to the green waste tip, if its open.  Otherwise bag it up and wait for it to reopen.


Once finished, the lawn can be treated with a proprietary spring feed and weed treatment and a little extra seed if required.  It is important to make sure you use only a spring treatment because this will be a finely balanced package of nutrients designed to work at this time of year.

“This is a one-day task for the average garden lawn and really should be completed as soon as possible,” says Greenworks’ Mark Moseley.



Product information and prices:

Greenworks 40v lawnmower – GWG40LM35K2

40v 35cm lawn mower, suitable for small to average-size gardens

Includes battery and charger

Extremely low weight (ideal for damp grass)

Five cutting heights

Up to 51 minutes of run time

RRP: £249.99

STOCKISTS:   Screwfix, Ideal World, Cheapmowers.com and TooledUp


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