Get Your Garden in Top Shape for Spring

With spring just around the corner, it’s time to venture into the garden, which may be in need of some TLC. Let’s be honest, as soon as the weather heats up we’ll be rushing outside, so by getting some vital prep done now, you’ll definitely reap the benefits once the hot weather arrives.


To get you started, experts in turf care maintenance, The Toro Company, have put together a few suggestions to help you get your outside spaces ready for spring.


Tidy up

Throughout autumn and winter, your garden will be exposed to the elements and can take quite a battering from the British weather. Branches, leaves and all matter of other debris could have fallen onto your lawn through the winter. Now is the time to clear the garden ready for your spring plants and bulbs to grow through. To rid your garden of any loose leaves or unwanted grass clippings, Toro’s PowerPlex® Brushless Leaf Blower will be a great asset. This cordless leaf blower charges in just 60 minutes, making it easier than ever before to clear your lawn.

Get a trim

Despite plants and hedges growing much slower in autumn and winter, there will still be some growth. Trimming them in early spring before they push out their new growth is a great way to keep your hedges in check. The Toro PowerPlex® Hedge Trimmer is an efficient way to cut down the size of any overgrown shrubs from the winter.

Pick your height

As your lawn requires less maintenance during the winter months, it shouldn’t be in too much need of a mow right away. However, as we edge closer to spring, the grass will start to grow at a faster rate. When mowing in early spring be sure to set your cutting height quite high to ensure you cut no more than one third of the length off at one time; otherwise, the grass can become stressed. As we go further into spring and the grass grows more, increase the frequency of your mowing, whilst gradually reducing the cutting height as to achieve your chosen finish. The Toro PoweReversewill make the first mow of spring easier than ever, with its power assist drive system that works in both directions, providing a much easier forward and backwards motion when mowing.

Christopher Cooper, Product Marketing Manager at Toro said: “Giving your garden a little care in spring is a great way to ensure it’s in its best condition. It’s easy to wait until the warmer months, but giving your garden year round attention will pay dividends in the end. And with Toro’s great range of products, we will be there every step of the way to ensure your garden is looking it’s best this spring.”


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