Get your garden Autumn ready

Tips for pruning safely at heights and tools to make autumnal garden tasks more comfortable

When the gardening season comes to an end, it’s pruning time. Trimming back tree crowns can often be particularly challenging. The right equipment ensures that both the gardener and tree come out of this task unscathed.



 Cutting work in lofty heights with both feet firmly on the ground.

Simple and safe from the ground

Regular pruning is important in order to foster the trees’ growth, prevent them from falling prey to illnesses and – in the case of fruit trees – to improve their harvest. In the case of high and very dense trees, the work in the tree crowns constitutes a not-altogether-safe balancing act. With branch and shrub pruners featuring telescopic handles, such as the Gardena Telescopic StarCut 410 plus, this task can be tackled effortlessly from the ground. Extended to its maximum length, it can reach up to height of 6.5 metres, providing easy and comfortable cutting, even in the tree crown. Any branches left hanging after cutting can easily be brought back down with the adjustable hook

For cutting older, woody branches in high trees, the Gardena combisystem Anvil Branch Pruner is a great choice. In combination with a GARDENA combisystem Telescopic Handle, branches can easily be trimmed at height from the ground, without a ladder. This guarantees effortless cutting of branches up to approximately 35 mm in diameter.

Effortless fruit harvesting

With the changing season of autumn, harvest time is upon us and to ensure you are able to comfortably reach every last fruit on the tree, Gardena offers  a great solution to avoid any dangerous climbing; the Gardena combisystem Fruit Picker. The telescopic handle allows for collection of fruits up to five metres high with ease and the collection bag swiftly and safely catches the harvest with no risk to the gardener or the fruit from falling to the ground.

Any windfalls should be quickly removed from the lawn or the bed, before they risk attach from fungal spores, bacteria or insects and the combisystem Fruit Collector allows for effortless collections withing having to bend down.

The Gardena product range comprises first-class gardening aids which convert the autumnal gardening chores into a comfortable and safe experience.





For more than 50 years, GARDENA has been offering passionate gardeners everything they require. The wide range includes innovative solutions and systems for irrigation, lawn care, tree and shrub care and soil cultivation. Today GARDENA is a leading producer of top-notch gardening tools in Europe and is represented in more than 80 countries worldwide. GARDENA is a brand of Husqvarna Group. For more information, please visit



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