Gardening that keeps on giving all year round

Vegepods are the perfect gift for the veggie grower in your life this Christmas!

Weather turning and winter approaching needn’t mean you have to stop outdoor growing. Whilst many gardeners are turning to houseplants, indoor growing and windowsill containers, and beginning to make plans for what to grow outside next year, Vegepod owners are still harvesting their crops and will continue to do so right through to spring.

Vegepods are self contained raised garden beds with a commercial grade canopy that grants full protection from the elements and pests, allowing plants to be protected all year round. The Vegepod allows for truly organic gardening, and the canopy creates a microclimate that generates amazing results and accelerates plant growth to give a bumper crops in no time!

Designed especially for the colder months, Vegepod has a Winter Cover available to instantly transform the pod to a raised greenhouse. The cover creates a greenhouse environment, allowing sunlight in and trapping heat, whilst protecting plants by keeping extreme cold and precipitation out. This protects plants from extreme weather and also creates a micro-climate to enhance growth.

The worries of watering are removed too with the Vegepod self-watering wicking system, combined with an overflow hole, which grants optimum watering so Vegepods can be left unattended. There is even an irrigation system with mist spray to ensure every aspect of self watering is covered.

Available in three sizes, these stylish and innovative raised beds from Vegepod feature a mesh designed to let in sunlight, air and rain to aid growing, all whilst keeping out bugs and slugs! Winter Covers are sold separately as part of Vegepod accessories.

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Large Vegepod

4 trays

200cm / 78in (L)
X 100cm / 39in (W)

Growing Depth: 26cm

Height: 103cm

Compost required: 450L


Medium Vegepod

2 trays

100cm / 39in (L)
X 100cm / 39in (W)

Growing Depth: 26cm

Height: 103cm

Compost required: 230L

Small Vegepod

1 tray

50cm / 20in (L
X 100cm / 39in (W)

Growing Depth: 26cm

Height: 103cm

Compost required: 120L

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