Growing food from seeds is a lovely way to learn about propagation, and where our food comes from. Whilst April is the main sowing season, there are still a few varieties you can direct sow. Have a go with winter lettuce, radishes, spinach, swiss chard, parsley, and coriander.

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Green Basics Grow Table XXL: RRP £32.29
Green Basics Grow House XXL: RRP £18.99
The Grow Table from elho provides you with your own vegetable garden at an ideal working height for young gardeners, whether you have a lawn, patio, or balcony. Watch your plants grow, from seed or plugs into the tastiest vegetables or beautiful flowers. There is a special grow house available that will protect your plants from birds, pests and the bright sunlight.

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Green Basics Grow Tray: RRP S £3.19, M £4.79, L £5.59
Green Basics Grow House: RRP S £4.39, M £7.19, L £10.29
Green Basics Grow Saucer: RRP S £2.49, M £3.69, L £3.89

Green Basics Grow Tray with Grow House & Saucer
The grow tray can be placed in the garden, kitchen or on the windowsill. For an optimal result, use the green basics grow house too. This cover can simply be placed over the tray and encourages the plants to grow thanks to the perfect climate. Excess water is drained through the holes in the bottom of the tray, protecting the roots from rotting. If you are growing inside, combine the tray with an elho green basics grow tray saucer, to prevent water dripping onto the floor. The grow tray is available in 3 sizes. All products from the green basics collection by elho are made of 100% recycled plastic.

If you don’t have the space outside, or have run out of rainy day activities, caring for indoor herbs is a great way to entertain your kids and link living plants to the food on their plates. Start herbs such as basil, coriander, or parsley from seed, or buy a small plant from the supermarket, and involve children with watering, harvesting leaves, and cooking meals using the herbs they have grown.

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Brussels Herb Station: RRP £11.99
Made from recycled plastic, the Brussels Herb Station can fit many different sizes of potted herbs. The sleek design includes convenient handles so you can move it around the kitchen with ease, and it comes with stainless steel scissors – perfect for simply and quickly cutting your herbs.

About elho
Use elho’s technical and stylish collections to transform your house and garden into a great place to be. Whatever your taste, elho has a style that suits you. Elho is creative, innovative and has a green vision. Elho is proud that all products are made of recycled material and produced with 100% wind energy. The company is the leading innovator in Europe and has developed synthetic pottery in the Netherlands for more than 54 years. Give room to nature with elho.

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