A domestic gardener from Northern Ireland has revolutionised plant growing as we know it. Niall Magee, of Bustaseed Ltd, has invented and manufactured an award-winning, tip out propagation system. Its purpose is to ease common frustrations among gardeners who want to preserve their plants and maximise yield.

Ordinary, disposable seedling trays can be difficult to use, resulting in potential damage to young plants at their most delicate stage. For many gardeners, this results in loss of plants, time and money.

Bustaseed’s new tip out propagation kit brings a solution to this problem for those with green fingers. The extra durable, reusable and recyclable tip out propagation kit allows for easy and gentle removal of plants. This comes from the introduction of individual, open-fronted module rows, instead of the standard one-piece module tray insert.

As a result of this, plants can be gently tipped out with minimal disturbance – as opposed to being dug or squeezed out of cells, causing potential damage to the stem or roots.

This innovative kit gives gardeners their time back and their money’s worth. The open-fronted rows speed up the process of emptying a full tray from 10-15 minutes to a matter of seconds. This new removal process means that fewer plants are lost due to rough extraction damage and root transplant shock.

The kit is made with intricate plant care in mind. The open fronts to the cell rows allow easy monitoring for mould, pests, diseases and poor compost hydration as the young plants grow. Each kit comes with seven white insert rows of five cells each that reflect light upwards, therefore maximising potential plant growth. All kit components are UV stable, helping to prevent damage from strong sunlight.

As the kits are extra durable and reusable, they only require one manufacturing process to make for a long lifespan. A lot more energy and water is used when frequently replacing single-use plastic products compared to buying a long-lasting, multi-use product. Customers only need to make one purchase for years of use, with a five-year guarantee on components included. There is no black plastic in the kit, and all components are fully and easily recyclable.

This means the Bustaseed tip out kits are not only more efficient and effective for growing your plants – they’re also better for the environment.

Regardless of age or ability, all gardeners that grow their own plants can benefit from the kit. With the individual module rows being light and easier to handle than a full tray of compost and young plants, they are ideal for those with arthritis, learning difficulties, or children who are learning to grow for the first time.

Since its conception, the innovative kit has received high praise from amateur and professional growers alike, and recently won the prestigious Institute of Designers in Ireland Award 2020 in the Sustainable Design category.

Talking about his journey, Niall Magee, Managing Director of Bustaseed Ltd, said: “I came up with the Bustaseed Tip Out Propagation Kit idea after using the standard single use trays to grow native wildflowers to plant in the garden for the first time. I found the rigid, one-piece trays very fiddly to use, and it was time consuming to remove all the plants carefully. Due to accidental rough extraction, I damaged maybe 10 or 15 plants from a tray of 40 – and I was being super careful! I also felt awful throwing out the trays after a single use.

After I came up with the tip out row idea, I found there weren’t any similar tray designs on the market. With help from a local manufacturer and design company, I had prototypes produced that worked really well with the plants I grew in them from seed and cuttings. I then sent kits out to professional horticulturalists for assessment to prove they worked well (Author John Harrison, Sara Venn, Alexandra Campbell, Paul Dalton amongst others).

The response from the professionals was incredibly positive and that gave me the confidence to go ahead with manufacturing the kits for those that like to grow their own flowers, shrubs, herbs, fruit and vegetables.”

“We started operating in late Spring 2019 but had to suspend trading in March 2020 due to the Covid-19 outbreak – but we’re now up and running again in preparation for Spring 2021! We have also developed the new extra durable Bustaseed Tip Out Propagation Kit with no black plastic components. We’re very excited about the future and have plans to produce deeper cell trays and other innovative growing products.”

Bustaseed’s extra durable, user friendly tip out propagation kit is designed and produced in the UK and is available now at and on Amazon UK.

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