Fruit and Vegetable Specialist D.T. Brown Launches New Green Asparagus Varieties Welcome Guelph Equinox and Guelph Eclipse

D.T. Brown is excited to offer its customers the best two asparagus varieties currently available to the home gardener. Quite a claim to make but general manager Tim Jeffries is confident customers will achieve outstanding results with these modern F1 hybrids.

From the same stable as the popular Guelph Millennium variety, Guelph Equinox and Guelph Eclipse are offering improved yields, earlier harvests and improved spear quality.

‘We’re really impressed by the yields and overall performance of these all male F1 hybrids which are rapidly being labelled as part of the ‘next generation’ of asparagus varieties’ says Tim. ‘They have out-performed standard varieties in a range of trials and we’re chuffed to be able to offer them to our customers’ adds Tim.

An early season variety which is also suitable for growing in tunnels for an extra early crop from late April.
10 crowns £16.95
Buy 2 packs and save £5
An early to mid-season variety cropping from early May.
10 crowns £16.95
Buy 2 packs and save £5
Despatch from late March

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