Flowering and Practical Mother’s Day gifts From Mr Fothergill’s Seeds

Treat your mum to a very special gift this Mother’s Day with some beautifully flowering and scenting products from Mr Fothergill’s.

There are four windowsill kits that your Mum would be happy to grow. Sunflower kit will flower all season to autumn and brighten up the patio with the lovely Pacino variety. Strawberry kit will become a great summer treat to pick whenever the red berries can be seen. Fragrant garden is a mix of three fragrant varieties – thyme, oregano and lavender that can be used in cooking and attract wildlife. For Mums who love herbs Mr Fothergill’s has two options: Herb windowsill kit with one container or Herb Grow Kit (RRP £10.95) that comes with three galvanized pots on a tray with basil, parsley and chives seeds, plus compost discs. Windowsill kit has a recommended retail price of £7.95 – each comprising a galvanised metal windowsill container, seeds, compost and instructions. Grow Your Own Pesto Kit includes basil seed, compost discs, a ceramic pestle and mortar, and instructions on how to make the much-loved Italian sauce for pasta. It has a RRP of £6.95.

Grow Your Own Pesto Kit
Sunflower Windowsill Kit
Eye-catching flowers would make an ideal addition to your Mum’s garden. Sweet pea ‘Mumsie’ (RRP £2.40 for 20 seeds) is an appealing ‘Spencer’ type variety, with large, pink ruffled blooms on strong stems. Sweet Pea Alan Titchmarsh (RRP £2.40 for 20 seeds) distinguishes itself with large, scented, frilly soft pink blooms, whereas Sweet Pea Cupani (RRP £2.40 for 20 seeds) was introduced by a Franciscan monk from Sicily over 300 years ago, features small bicoloured nicely scented violet and deep crimson blooms.
Sweet Pea Alan Titchmarsh
Sweet Pea Mumsie
Sweet Pea Cupani
Among new Sweet Peas introduced in 2020 there is Sweet Pea Our Harry (RRP £2.40 for 20 seeds) which is a Spencer type with large, blue flowers on strong stems. Sweet Pea Mayflower 400 (RRP £2.40 for 20 seeds) is a ‘Spencer’ type, bred by world renowned hybridiser Keith Hammett, and produces frilly flowers in a pastel pink flake on a cream background. It is vigorous and free flowering, with a medium scent. Sweet Pea Galaxy Mixed (RRP £2.40 for 35 seeds) is an early blooming, free flowering variety, producing long lasting display. All Lathyrus Odoratus are lovely to grow over trellis or fences and as cut flowers to decorate your mum’s home.
Sweet Pea Mayflower 400
Sweet Pea Our Harry
Visit your local garden centre for the full range or head over to www.mr-fothergills.co.uk

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