Floramedia and SmartPlant partner to bring “Smart” labels to the industry

Floramedia have been a showcase for creative customer engagement for over 90 years
and are now pleased to include SmartPlant as part of their offering.
SmartPlant offers the end consumer the ability to add plants to the app, receive plant
information, automated monthly care advice, horticultural support from experts and identify
plants and pests. Their service also assists retailers and growers who are able to drive
digital loyalty, expand on their marketing and gain valuable insights on the end customer.
By partnering with Floramedia, SmartPlant technology is now a part of their package to
clients, building on their strong reputation for marketing and communication in the industry.
Floramedia labels can now easily be turned “Smart”, with marketing materials, branding
and supplemental plant care all being delivered through the SmartPlant app. This
partnership makes turning wholesale plants “Smart” easier than ever before and gives
Floramedia a digital offering that has already proven itself as the leading app for plants.
For growers, the app facilitates a detailed understanding of the end consumer through
sophisticated data reporting that illustrates buying patterns and industry trends, helping
guide their future decision making. SmartPlant’s uncomplicated and easy to follow monthly
care advice provides breeders and growers with a competitive wholesale advantage into
retail and adds longevity and value to their plant ranges, resulting in a superior plant
buying experience for the consumer.
‘I am a SmartPlant’ can already be seen on thousands of labels giving consumers the
confidence to buy and expanding upon the information consumers already receive on plant
UK CEO George Williams said:
“SmartPlant has been on a wonderful journey over the last few years. Our partnership with
Floramedia is hugely significant and we are very excited about working with Nick and his
team to bring our digital learnings to the industry.”
SP Features and Stats:
Detailed plant library with information on more than 20,000 plants
Free monthly plant care calendar
Over 100 horticultural experts in 7 different countries available for instant advice, help
and guidance
Quick and accurate plant and pest identification.
Deep content including video’s, images and inspiration
Related plant and product recommendations
SmartPlant barcode scanning technology at retail partners offers automatic care
notifications for plants
Premium membership allows unlimited expert advice and photo identifications
Live Skill on Amazon Alexa
Commercial Partners
Longacres, Arboretum, Burncoose Nurseries, Whetman Pinks, Tregothnan, Double H Nurseries, The Palace
Gardener, The Telegraph, Dura ID, Minnikin, Camden Garden Centre, Key Essentials, Amazon Alexa
Over 500,000 app downloads

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