End the autumn leaf clearing misery with a Billy Goat

Following the summer heat, autumn seems to have arrived early as trees and shrubs shed their leaves to help conserve vital moisture.

Removing leaves and other debris from paths, borders and lawns is now easily achieved with the powerful range of Billy Goat walk-behind, wheeled vacuums. They pick up virtually everything and the large capacity and easy-to-open collector bags simplifies the task of clearing even large areas.


A wide range of 12 machines is available to meet the demands of all sizes of garden. They are all petrol powered using either Briggs & Stratton or Honda engines. The machines are self or hand-propelled and one offers hydrostatic transmission. Some have on-board chippers that shred the material being collected, making it easier to compost.



They are all extremely manoeuvrable and simple to handle and clear even large areas surprisingly quickly.

All models in the Little Billy and KV Series Range offer optional hose kits, enabling debris to be easily collected from beneath trees and shrubs and other less accessible places. The Little Billy is an entry level model and the smallest machine in the range with a 20” (51cm) working width and is hand-propelled. The five models in the KV series are either self or hand propelled. The larger TKV650SPH also offers the 2” on-board chipper.

The MV Series Range has a 29” (74cm) working width and the three models offer hand or self-propelled drive systems and 151 litre bag capacity. The new MV601SPE is powered by a Briggs & Stratton Pro Series engine and offers electric start. The three models in the QV Series Range all offer a 33” (84cm) working width and are powered by Honda engines. They offer a choice of hand or self- propelled drive systems and the QV900HSP has hydrostatic transmission. All the MV and QV models offer optional hose kits.

Prices range from £566.67 plus VAT for the LB352 Little Billy to £3291.67 plus VAT for the QV900HSP.

See for yourself how Billy Goat tackles really tough jobs at www.billygoat.co.uk.


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