The complete collection – for every interior and every plant 

Did you know that just looking at a picture of a green landscape can make you feel better? Imagine waking up in a plant-filled home every day. Or returning to a verdant oasis after a long day at work. In the depths of winter a little green pick me up might be just what you need.
Create a healthy and relaxing home for you and your family with plants of all shapes and sizes.

Elho’s b.for original is a complete collection for any interior – a large variety of different sized pots and planters that suit your style. With a matt body and glossy edge, these high-quality pots look great while meeting your every need. With a large variety of colours and sizes, there’s a b.for original for every plant and every room in your home. So you’ll always find something that fits.

The brand new b.for original round mini is perfect for on trend cacti and succulents. Mix and match with different colours and new larger sizes that come with integrated wheels, so they’re easy to move wherever you like. A few small plants for the kitchen, some large brightly coloured planters for the living room and calming neutrals for the bathroom. Plants are great at removing harmful toxins from the air and creating oxygen, so make great green companions for the nursery or children’s rooms.

Elho’s b.for original has a solution, wherever you want to introduce a touch of green into your home.

About the b.for original:

b.for original round mini RRP £1.39 – £2.59
b.for original round RRP £3.19 – £22.99
Elho pots and planters are widely stocked at all good garden centres, retailers and available online.
Give room to nature
Nature makes you feel healthier, boosts your energy and makes you happier. Elho’s purpose is to inspire people to bring more nature into their daily lives. With the elho collection you can give room to nature in and around your home. At elho we are green in everything we do. Most of our pottery collection is made of recycled material, all of our pots last for a long time and are produced with 100% wind energy. Our aim is to be circular by 2020. Enjoy nature with elho in a sustainable way.
About elho
Use elho’s colourful and stylish synthetic pottery collection to transform your house and garden into a great place to be. Whatever your taste, elho has a style that suits you. Elho is creative, innovative and has a green vision. Elho is proud that all products are made of recycled material and produced with 100% wind energy. The company is the leading innovator in Europe and has developed synthetic pottery in the Netherlands for more than 54 years. Give room to nature with elho.


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