EGO launches two mower accessories in time for summer


  • EGO’s first Rear Roller Kit for battery-powered mowers
  • A Mulching Kit which helps to maintain a healthy lawn

With gardens getting more use over the summer months, home gardeners will be keen to keep their lawns looking healthy and inviting. Now, with the launch of two new accessories from EGO Power+, an attractive lawn is easy to achieve.

Get the perfect stripes with the Rear Roller Kit

For a neat and professional finish, striped lawns are the picture-perfect goal for many gardeners. To achieve these stripes, having a lawnmower with a rear roller is essential, which is why EGO has developed its first Rear Roller Kit – an easy-to-install attachment which can be fitted in a matter of minutes.

Through its innovative design, the roller attachment works with the battery-powered mower to provide the necessary power and weight to create pristine and uniform stripes.

With roller kits available for EGO’s best-selling LM1700E, LM1700E-SP and LM1900E-SP mowers, gardeners can now achieve stripes with their favourite battery-powered mowers.

Effective mulching for a healthy lawn

Whether the goal is to rejuvenate a lawn by providing additional nutrients, add a layer of protection, or control weeds and pests, mulching is a fantastic way of keeping lawns healthy throughout the year. Particularly in summer, protecting and filling worn or dry patches, mulching is a winner for any gardener.

By double-cutting the grass, firstly through mowing and then re-cutting within the deck to create much smaller cuttings, the mulching kit makes it easy to create a distribute mulch.

Featuring a factory-sharpened steel blade for optimum cutting performance, along with mulching plug and blade, EGO’s Mulching Kit delivers a reliably clean cut and can be easily attached to the LM1700E, LM1700E-SP and LM1900E-SP mowers.

EGO’s award-winning range of battery-powered mowers deliver ultimate power and performance, without producing the harmful emissions associated with petrol-powered outdoor equipment – making them the ideal tools for environmentally conscious gardeners. Now with new attachments, they provide greater functionality and versatility to deliver perfect results.

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