EcoGro launch a range of specialist sustainable plant foods

This spring, EcoGro, a local company based in Cumbria, will launch a range of innovative, eco-friendly and specialist plant foods. These new products are made using natural and sustainable ingredients to help effectively aid plant growth without damaging the planet.

EcoGro founders, Chris Harrison, Kevin Beaty and Mark Goulay, are farmers who know how to work with the soil and protect pollinators. Using their specialist knowledge, EcoGro are looking to safeguard the future of the planet for gardeners across the UK.
As the EcoGro family are not made using chemicals, they work naturally to ensure the long term health of both plants and the soil. The absence of chemicals helps to reduce soil acidification, increase soil microbe activity, and reduce water loss in the soil structure. On average, it will also produce 30% less CO2 emissions in produc;on, further helping to promote sustainable and eco-friendly gardening.

The EcoGro family comprises of: EcoGro Boost, which aids fruit and vegetable growth to ensure your crop is healthy and vast on harvest; EcoGro Bloom for flowering plants in borders, hanging baskets and pots; EcoGro Ericaceous which works with the micro-organisms in the soil to create perfect growing conditions for acid loving plants; and EcoGro EcoMyst, a handy spray bottle ideal for indoor plants.
The plant foods are made using by-products from anaerobic digesters which create renewable energy on EcoGro’s farms. The by-product is concentrated to create a nutrient rich plant food which is free from artficial chemicals. Through research and development during the Covid-19 pandemic, EcoGro refined their products with added natural nutrients to create purpose specific products.
EcoGro co-founder Kevin Beaty comments, We founded EcoGro as a team of farmers and growers who love nature and our gardens. We know about soils and want to pass on our knowledge. Our sustainable plant foods are designed specifically to help a range of fruits, vegetables, flowers and plants grow in a natural and eco-friendly way that complements the microorganisms in the soil. As we don’t use chemicals, we are pollinator friendly and most importantly, we’re protecting the environment.

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Where to purchase EcoGro Boost, EcoGro Bloom, EcoGro Ericaceous and EcoMyst will be
available to purchase via the EcoGro website, Amazon, and across a
range of garden centres across this UK. A full and up to date list of
stockists is available on the EcoGro website.
EcoGro planted their roots in Cumbria over 60 years ago when Richard Harrison began building an early
version of the modern anaerobic digester. Richard also realised that the digester’s by-product had
better plant growing properties than that of normal animal dry waste and would make a perfect plant
food. From here, the EcoGro idea was born.
His son, Chris Harrison, has continued his legacy by constructing and building some of the most
modern plants in Europe. They use locally grown crops which are turned into silage to produce gas that
powers the electricity generators. The by-products of this process are used to make innovative and
exciting garden fertiliser products which are derived from natural ingredients.
The EcoGro Family are multi-purpose and natural plant foods which are mixed with water to deliver
vital nutrients to your whole garden. As they are free from artificial chemicals, they can be used in
higher or lower doses depending on what the plant needs.

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