Doorstep Communities Come Together for Queens Jubilee

Front gardens are the gateways to our lives. The places where we embrace loved ones, chat over the fence with neighbours and where more recently we’ve found ourselves celebrating special occasions, clapping for heroes, and enjoying socially distanced tea and cake as part of the VE day commemorations. As our front doors closed for many months to visitors, our front gardens opened and blossomed as they brought together doorstep communities like never before.

Now, as people ready their front doors with pots bursting full of blooms and treat their fences to a fresh coat of paint in time for the Queens Jubilee picnics, Forest Garden is launching a competition to find images that capture the heart of these Doorstep communities.

Maybe you and your neighbours meet amongst the lavender and carefully curated pots every Friday for drinks or do you take your chairs outside to enjoy a sweet sundowner with friends. Perhaps you’ve created a bar area where you share laughs and drinks with your community or maybe you’ve created a green oasis from which you relax whenever possible?

How ever you enjoy your front garden, Forest Garden would love to see pictures of those moments and explore the stories behind them. Who are the people in your community and what makes them so special and pivotal in bringing back the great British front garden.

Simply upload any images with a description and tag anyone that was there on Facebook and Instagram using #DoorstepCommunity and tagging @ForestGarden to be in with the chance to win a contemporary Slatted Planter Set (RRP £174.99).

Jubilee Celebrations – Tania and Ollie

“We can’t wait to celebrate the Queen’s Jubilee with our newly found friends in the front garden,” said Tanya and Ollie whose doorstep community blossomed during Lockdown.

As the UK population was asked to stay at home, Tanya and Ollie moved to their front garden to enjoy the sunshine at its best. As a result, their neighbours followed suit and soon, a doorstep community thrived as these newly found friendships began to grow.  

“It’s been absolutely great getting to know our neighbours by sitting in our front garden on the sunny afternoons and evenings,” said Ollie and Tanya

“We bought the house just before lockdown, so didn’t get a chance to meet everyone, but during the COVID years, we moved our garden furniture out onto our front garden as it gets the evening sun and invited neighbours to sit with us if they were passing. We’ve hosted plenty of BBQs or ate takeaways in the front garden with some drinks, and it really made us feel a sense of community and we have made some lifelong friends by doing that.”

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