DJ Turfcare responds to Monty Don’s call to stop mowing our lawns

Gardening guru, Monty Don, recently issued a rallying call to gardeners to stop mowing their lawns, claiming the process ‘burns lots of fossil fuel’, ‘makes a filthy noise’ and is ‘about the most injurious thing you can do to wildlife’. This statement has sent ripples across the gardening industry with suppliers such as DJ Turfcare wanting to actively respond as they believe such comments have potentially damaging consequences.

David Jenkins from DJ Turfcare said: “The protection of environment is of paramount importance but there are ways and means of doing this without having to neglect your lawn. Whilst I support Monty Don’s move towards environmental protection, I do believe we have to be more realistic in our expectations.

“In basic terms lawns are the centrepiece of our garden spaces and are the hub for much of our activities. If we stopped mowing the functionality of our gardens would change dramatically.  Aesthetically, lawns also set off the entire garden, providing a natural backdrop to flowerbeds and wider planting schemes, no matter how small they are. Plus, those without planting or gardening know-how enjoy the natural element that having a lawn can bring to their homes, and this would be minimised if lawns were allowed to run riot.

“The action of mowing the lawn is also one that many enjoy, both physically and mentally, whilst the scent of freshly mown grass often evokes happy memories and marks the start to the spring/summer season where evenings stretch longer and days are full of sunshine. Whilst not environmentally focused, these elements do have an important role to play when telling people to retire the lawnmower.

“From an environmental standpoint, we are seeing a more definitive move towards battery powered mowers, and as such we are becoming less reliant on fossil fuel powered mowers. Gardeners are also becoming much more environmentally conscious as seen in the significant rise in ‘naturals’ and products that are organic or veganic. The DJ Turfcare product portfolio which features all-organic based, RHS endorsed fertilisers have seen sales skyrocket over recent years as customers look to only utilise “good” products in their garden spaces. When it comes to lawns, our products contain soil-friendly microbes which work to enhance the soil, offering benefits for both the grass and the wildlife which calls it home.

“To summarise, stopping mowing just isn’t a realistic expectation for most. However, what we can do is make the switch to greener alternative such as battery powered lawn mowers, organic fertilisers and feeds, and chemical-free sprays and solutions. This way we are minimising our reliance on fossil fuels, whilst boosting our garden spaces with products that give back to the planet, support the ecosystem and help our gardens to flourish.”

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